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Life Is a Marathon

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But extending it might just involve short bursts of activity.

A recent study found that brief bouts of robust exercise, such as super-fast walking for one or two minutes a day, measurably reduce the risk of dying over the seven years of follow-up by researchers.

Specifically, the risk fell 38% to 40% for any cause of death and for cancer mortality, and dropped 48% to 49% for risk of cardiovascular death, compared to people who did no physical activity. Those reductions were comparable to the benefits linked to more formal exercise, reported STAT.

Cold Hearts

Heat waves can pose serious, often life-threatening, risks to people with chronic illnesses, but extreme cold turns out to be even worse for people with heart disease.

A study spanning five continents and more than 32 million cardiovascular deaths between 1979 and 2019 found that there were more deaths on days when temperatures were at their highest or lowest. On the hottest days, there were 2.2 additional deaths for every 1,000 cardiovascular deaths, but on the coldest days, there were 9.1 additional deaths.


Get Me That, Stat!

Vaccines and new treatments have effectively reduced the severity of COVID-19 infections for most people, but for many, symptoms linger, according to new National Institutes of Health-supported research.

After six months, researchers found that more than 7 in 10 adults said they experienced persistent symptoms like coughing, chest pain and fatigue. Nearly half said there were some limitations doing everyday activities, such as eating, preparing meals, bathing, getting dressed or walking across the room.

More than half reported a different consequence: financial difficulties, such as paying bills.


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