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At the Heart of the Problem: Money

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Among older people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack, severe financial strain -- having too little money each month to make ends meet -- is associated with a 60% higher risk of dying within six months after hospital discharge, according to a Yale University study.

"We found that severe financial strain was associated with increased risk of mortality. It's a call to the clinical world that we need to pay attention to patients' financial status," said study author Alexandra Hajduk.

Of the patients in the study who reported having more than enough money to pay the bills, 7.2% died within six months of leaving the hospital. Of those who reported having "just enough" money to make ends meet, 9% died within six months. Of those who reported having too little money, 16.8% died within six months.

Get Me That, Stat!

A little over 1% of women in the United States between the ages of 18 and 49 have adopted a child; 4.7% have taken steps to adopt, according to the National Survey of Family Growth. The number of men is roughly comparable.



9: Percentage of Americans who say they have no friends or family to turn to in times of need

Source: OECD Better Life Initiative

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