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March is awareness month for colorectal cancer, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, bleeding disorders and trisomy, which is when a person has 47 chromosomes, not the typical 46. That third chromosome, combined with the normal pair, is associated with a variety of inherited disorders.

Stories for the Waiting Room

It's not a stroke of luck. Ten years ago, 20% of Americans couldn't get to a hospital in time to treat their strokes with the best clot-busting medication. But things have improved. Researchers say 96% of Americans now live within 60 minutes of either an emergency stroke center or of facilities with telestroke capabilities that can solicit immediate expertise.

Doc Talk

Peripheral oedema: swollen ankle

Phobia of the Week


Amaxophobia: fear of riding in or driving a car

Food for Thought

This month, we'll look at some the "defects" that the Food and Drug Administration says are OK in food as long as they remain below specified levels. To wit: canned mushrooms can include more than 20 maggots "of any size" and 75 mites per 100 grams. No more than 10% percent of mushrooms can be "decomposed."

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