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Captain Comics: Some of the questions that keep comics fans awake at night

By Andrew A. Smith, Tribune News Service on

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The small screen is trying to make us forget the big one.

Last week in this space I discussed "Helstrom." The week before I focused on "Star Trek: Prodigy," "M.O.D.O.K.," "Invincible" and several other upcoming TV shows, all discussed at New York Comic-Con.

And. There. Is. Still. More.


It's been a minute since The CW announced that Ruby Rose was leaving "Batwoman" after one season, to be replaced by Javicia Leslie as an entirely new character wearing the suit. And now the suit itself is changing, according to The CW.

Not by a lot, in that basic black with red highlights is going to look pretty much the same from a distance, no matter what incidentals are changed.


The only thing I worry about is if the new character, Ryan Wilder, is introduced in a plausible way.

And the show is already in a hole when it comes to that. I mean, when Rose's Kate Kane was introduced, the explanation for the lack of a Batman was that he was missing. That goes down the wrong way for Batman fans, because the only way Bruce Wayne would abandon Gotham is if he were dead. So either Batman's dead (bad) or he's acting out of character (worse). It doesn't help that this is the same excuse used on the "Birds of Prey" TV show back in 2002 — and it stunk up the place then.

But, OK, if I can muster enough suspension of disbelief to accept that someone can swing around buildings on a rope without yanking their arms out of their sockets, sure, I can compartmentalize the entirely unconvincing "Batman is missing" bit long enough to enjoy the show. Except now we have to somehow accept that Batwoman has also bailed.

How will they explain Kate Kane leaving the show? Will they kill her? Will she go missing with Batman? Is there any plausible way she can pass the mantle?


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