How Can You Tell If Your Cannabis Bud Is No Good?

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These contaminants are not always detectable. The best way to check if your buds are contaminated by industrial pesticides or fertilizers is through laboratory testing.

One of the typical industrial pesticides and fertilizers is lead.

Other cannabis Contaminants to watch out for are: Fungus or moldTalcGlassPrevention of Contamination In Cannabis Buds Inspection could be a very tiring process. Correction is much more complicated than prevention. Hence, it is better to practice the following suggestions.

Check For Contamination Before Purchase

Whenever you want to buy cannabis, use the above methods to confirm that the intended product isn’t contaminated. Try to do the inspection at the store or as soon as you get to a private location.


What better way to know what you’re consuming than to personally grow your own product. When you cultivate your own weed, you will be able to monitor what your cannabis is exposed to. You’ll personally regulate the plant’s environment to ensure it isn’t exposed to harmful contaminants.

Have a Trusted Dispensary


There will be times when you’ll have no choice but to visit a cannabis store for a product—most likely because you’ve run out of your own self-cultivated stash. It is advisable to have a trusted dispensary and delivery company. Patronize well-respected outlets that have dedicated staff members for product testing and inspection. Many renowned dispensaries will not risk the reputation of their businesses by stocking unsafe products. Bottom Line If you ever find yourself with contaminated cannabis buds or products, the severity of contamination determines whether or not you’ll have to dispose of them. Some contaminated buds can be cleansed with the proper materials. However, if you have no time to do this yourself, it’s best to throw them out.

Water curing is best for removing contaminants like sand and sugar. Although it is not guaranteed to wash off every impurity, it will not compromise the bud’s terpene Orr cannabinoid profile.

The main objective of recognizing cannabis bud impurities is to ensure we take in purer and smoother-hitting buds. Carefully check through your homegrown and purchased cannabis bids at all times, if not for anything, but stay safe.

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