Marijuana Dosing For The First Half Of The Week

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Monday through Wednesday tends to be a bear before the sweet promise of the weekend – but how to chill without a hangover or adding extra to the belly.

It was common and part of the American myth, guys would come home after work and pop a beer.  Or stop by their “local” for a quick one before heading to the house. But the world has changed and more people are concerned about weight, calories and health impacts. A survey by the American Heart Association found millennials, more than previous generations, are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. In addition, Gen Z seems to be the first generation to slowly move away from alcohol, and a portion are moving to marijuana.

Thanks to anecdotal and hard data, there is now a slow trend where after work instead of a grabbing a beer, people are taking a puff or popping a gummy.  Same relaxation, but with less side effects. But what should be the marijuana dosing for the first half of the week? It is important you don’t rely on anything every day to relax.  To do so could be a sign of addiction. But if you are want a quick, after work cool down.  Here are some suggestions.

Consider vaping, gummies or tinctures. These vehicles are easy to consume and you don’t have to commit to a big dosage.   A couple of hits on the vape while unwinding should be enough to release the tension while doing Monday stuff. The same line goes with gummies and tinctures.

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A suggested dosage of marijuana for a low key chill is between 5-7.5 milligrams (mg).  A study revealed participants who received 7.5 mg. of THC reported less stress after the psychosocial test than those given a placebo, and stress levels dissipated faster after the test.  This would equal a couple of dose on a vape or about 1.5 gummies.  (with gummies having a bout 5 mg of THC).


Alcohol sales, a predictor of use, shows the first half of have low sale but by Thursday it is has jumped 2.5X. Marijuana should follow in the same footprint.


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