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not a real one
a painting
a monarch
one more sign
for anguish
poured and
poured a choice to feel or
stack bricks between
I was sad when my
talented friend started designing
television commercials
he told me to grow up
but the rocks in the desert I touch
signal an endless new place something
without money saying "never tire of
demanding love for the world"

About this poem
"'Saturn.1' is part of a serial poem, 'Width of a Witch,' written in Marfa, Texas, while on a Lannan Foundation Fellowship. The series was written inside a (Soma)tic poetry ritual titled 'Marfa Poetry Machine in 36 Things,' where I did 36 things a day for 36 days-things such as honor living poets each morning, carry a sweet potato around town dressed in a purple glitter skirt and get on the floor to follow along with video footage of the experimental dancer Mary Wigman's 'Witch Dance' like a workout video for the soul!"

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