IPA vs. Pale Ale: What’s the Difference


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In 2021, the sales of beer in the United States as a whole increased by 1%, but sales of beer by craft brewers increased by 8%, increasing their volume share of the beer market to 13.1%.

When it comes to picking out the best beer, what do you consider before you buy it? Do you ever wonder what the difference is between each type of beer?

Have no fear. We’re here to help you. This article outlines the IPA vs Pale Ale comparison so you can pick out the perfect pint of beer next time you’re in a bar.

What is IPA

There are two main types of IPAs: English and American. English IPAs are more balanced, with a bitter taste and a malty finish.

American IPAs are more hops-forward, with a floral, citrusy flavor and a bitter finish. Pale ales are similar to IPAs but are lighter in color and body. They also have a cleaner flavor, with less of the intense hops character of an IPA.

What is Pale Ale

There are two main types of pale ale: India pale ale (IPA) and regular pale ale. Both are brewed with pale malt, but IPAs are much hoppier and higher in alcohol than regular pale ales.

Stories of Origin

IPAs and pale ales are two of the most popular types of beer, but what’s the difference between the two? It all starts with the stories of origin.

IPAs were originally brewed in England in the 18th century. The goal was to create a beer that could withstand the long journey to India.

To do this, brewers added extra hops and alcohol to preserve the beer. The result was a bitter, hoppy beer that was very different from the pale ales of the time.

Taste Differences

The main difference between IPA and Pale Ale is the hop. The hops give the IPA its unique flavor and aroma. Hops refer to the plants that give beer its bitterness.

IPAs are typically more bitter than Pale Ales. IPAs also tend to be more heavily hopped than Pale Ales, which means they have a more intense flavor.

Pale Ales, on the other hand, are typically sweeter and less bitter. They also tend to be less intense in terms of flavor.

Alcohol Content

Pale Ale and IPA both have an alcohol content that is higher than the average beer. Pale Ale has an alcohol content of around 6%, while IPA has an alcohol content of about 7%.

This difference in alcohol content is due to the difference in the brewing process of the brewing company. Pale Ale is brewed with a process that results in a less fermentable beer, while IPA is brewed with a process that allows for more fermentation. This difference in fermentation results in higher alcohol content for IPA.

Interested in Trying IPA vs Pale Ale?

For beer lovers, it is a great opportunity for them to be able to taste different types of beer. How will you find the best beer for your taste buds if you don’t try as many as you can?

Starters may get confused with IPA vs Pale Ale. The difference between an IPA and a Pale Ale is the amount of hops used during the brewing process.

IPAs use more hops, which gives them a more bitter flavor. Pale Ales use fewer hops, which gives them a sweeter flavor. See for yourself which you love more.

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