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Did you know the most expensive fragrance in the world will set you back a cool $1.29 million? It comes with its own trunk, pedestal, and remote control for easy spraying.

But if you don’t have an extra million dollars lying around, you can still smell like you do! The key is choosing the right scent for your age. Sure, mom’s clean laundry is fine for a 15-year old boy, but a 60-year old man needs a more sophisticated scent.

And lucky for you, we’ve got the ultimate guide to choosing a cologne for older men right here!

How to Choose a Cologne for Older Men

People often wonder how to choose a cologne when shopping online. You can’t smell it, so how will you know if you like it? The first step is to figure out which notes you enjoy, then consider how they’ll blend.

If you like clean scents, look for citrus or saltwater notes. Woodsy notes like amber, patchouli, or cedar will have stronger, deep scents. Pepper sounds like a strange element, but it can break up sweeter smells, making them more complex.

Consider the top, heart, and base notes when purchasing cologne. Top notes last about 5 to 15 minutes and are usually light and refreshing. Then the heart notes take over. These last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. Finally, the deeper, richer base notes float in, lasting for about six hours.

Head to the shop if you want an active cologne buying experience. Experts recommend trying the scent on your skin and asking for a small sample to take home. The same fragrance will vary on different skin, and it’ll change throughout the day. So don’t trust that little paper test strip!

The Ladies Man: Sauvage by Dior

Cologne for aging men doesn’t have to mean stuffy, boring, and old-fashioned. For the smooth ladies’ man, Sauvage by Dior is the ultimate pick!

Spicy, fresh, earthy, and perfectly balanced. This sexy scent is powerful, masculine, and a little bit wild. The brilliant perfumer Francois Demachy created this stunning scent in 2015. It hit its peak upon release and has remained popular ever since!

He claims his inspiration was wild, rugged, open spaces. A dazzling blue sky over an open sandy plain. Rocky landscapes scorching in the desert heat. Despite the sweeping imagery, the scent is simple but modern. And with its high sex appeal, it’s perfect for bachelors!

  • Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot and pepper
  • Heart Notes: Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, lavender, vetiver, patchouli, and geranium
  • Base Notes: cedar and amber

The Family Guy: Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

For the cool as a cucumber family guy, you can’t go wrong with Eternity for Men Aqua. This classic Calvin Klein fragrance was first released in 2010 and has reigned supreme since.

It’s the perfect scent for the family man who loves to snuggle his grandkids! The crisp cucumber and lotus deliver a fresh, clean scent that’s not overpowering. Heart notes of plum and lavender are sweet but balanced by aromatic cedar.

This light scent is perfect for warm summer days and cool spring afternoons. It’s a crowd-pleasing smell but not strong enough for people to ask you what you’re wearing. Simple, innocuous, and refreshing!

  • Top Notes: cucumber, citrus, and lotus
  • Heart Notes: plum, lavender, Sichuan pepper, and cedar
  • Base Notes: sandalwood, patchouli, and musk

The Snowbird: Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabbana

If the first snowflakes cause you to flee to warmer climates, you need this laid-back summer scent. First launched in 2007, Light Blue is the definition of ocean waves, lemonade, and Florida summers.

The citrusy start slowly blends into deeper, muskier notes like rosewood and pepper. Offset with fresh rosemary and juniper, this scent is like no other. This cologne was so popular upon its release that it swept up two awards in its first year!

Light Blue Pour Homme is a classic, masculine fragrance with a laid-back coastal feeling. It’s perfect for strolling in the dazzling sunshine or sipping mojitos at a beach bar. But even if you’re a wannabe snowbird, you can enjoy this light-hearted scent wherever you live!

  • Top Notes: Sicilian mandarin, bergamot, juniper, and grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Brazilian rosewood, pepper, and rosemary
  • Base Notes: incense, oakmoss, musk

The CEO: Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million was made for the man who has everything. Status, fame, luxury, and power blended into one stunning gold bottle.

Spice, sweetness, and the heady scent of leather combine to create an intoxicating mix. It opens with sweet mandarin notes and eases into its signature element, cinnamon. Notes of wood and amber give it a powerful, masculine feel.

1 Million is a perfect choice whether you’re entertaining clients or supervising meetings. The scent is commanding but not overwhelming. It’s made for cool winter mornings but will also create a spicy heat in the summer.

  • Top Notes: mint, mandarin, and grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: rose, cinnamon, and spice
  • Base Notes: patchouli, wood, leather, and amber

The Outdoorsy Sportsman: Guilty Pour Homme by Gucci

You wouldn’t think with a name like Guilty, a cologne would be outdoorsy or sporty. But the invigorating Guilty by Gucci was designed with the Alpha Male in mind!

Clean, natural lavender and lemon blend into an alluring floral scent. Aromatic vanilla, woodsy cedar, and warm patchouli balance the delicate orange flower. The result is a warm and masculine, slightly sexy scent.

This cologne is perfect for tee time with the gang or a kayaking trip up the river. Camping, tennis, or skiing – this scent will last all day and leave you smelling charming. The glass and metal bottle is luxurious but rugged and tough, just like you.

  • Top Notes: lavender and Amalfi lemon
  • Heart Notes: African orange flower
  • Base Notes: vanilla, cedar, patchouli

The Classic Gentleman: Acqua Di Parma Colonia

If original and classic are more your style, Acqua Di Parma Colonia is the hands-down winner. Created in 1916 and favored by movie stars like Cary Grant, this unisex scent is fresh and subtle. It was the first Italian cologne, and it’s remained a top luxury pick ever since.

Sicilian citrus blends with Calabrian bergamot to create an energizing, lively beginning. The scent slowly flows into floral notes like Bulgarian rose and lavender. With a deep base of sandalwood, patchouli, and the earthy tones of vetiver, it’s quietly complex.

The classic man will admire the clean fragrance and love the handmade quality of the brand. Each hatbox-inspired yellow package is hand stamped. Artisan workmanship and durability are at the heart of Acqua Di Parma.

  • Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, lemon, and orange
  • Heart Notes: Bulgarian rose, verbena, rosemary, and lavender
  • Base Notes: sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli

The Vintage Lover: Chanel Egoist

While it’s not the oldest cologne on the list, Chane’s Egoist has a certain cozy, vintage charm. The smell is best described as the end of a long walk on a cold, snowy day. You step inside your log cabin, and the scent of cinnamon, oranges, and all things nostalgic hit you.

The dominant tones are a unique blend of rose, cinnamon, wood, and vanilla with classic masculine elements like tobacco and leather. This is the cologne your grandfather wore as he smoked his pipe in the evening.

Top notes of wood, spice, and citrus mix with rose and cinnamon. The base has a strong profile of amber and sandalwood. A hint of sweetness with vanilla pushes the fragrance away from overpowering.

  • Top Notes: Sicilian mandarin, coriander, mahogany, and rosewood
  • Heart Notes: Damask Rose, Carnation, and cinnamon
  • Base Notes: tobacco, vanilla, leather, amber, sandalwood

Best Overall: Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

The best overall cologne for older men is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. Or rather, it’s the most universally beloved and coveted choice!

A scent that takes you back in time to simpler days before technology and hectic workdays. It evokes an image of chartering a yacht in the glimmering Mediterranean Sea. A daydream of warm breezes blowing over your sun-kissed skin, incredible sunsets, and coastal towns.

Crisp citrus notes fuse with sensual jasmine and delicate neroli. Heart notes are heavily floral but pair nicely with coriander and salty sea elements. Finally, the beautiful base consists of sweet rose, musky patchouli, and vibrant cedar.

Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or an older gentleman in your life, you can’t go wrong with this scent. Acqua Di Gio is an essential staple in every dashing man’s arsenal!

  • Top Notes: lime, lemon, orange, jasmine, bergamot, mandarin, neroli
  • Heart Notes: spicy, floral, and sea notes
  • Base Notes: Rock Rose, patchouli, musk, and cedar

Where to Buy Cologne

So you’ve narrowed down your top choices, and now you’re ready to buy. But where do you start? Where can you find the highest quality at the best prices? We’ve got you covered!


One of the best places to start your search is a cosmetics or department store. They usually carry a large selection of designer fragrances. You’ll be able to take a whiff of each scent, check out the bottle, and see how you feel about it.

But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when surrounded by seemingly limitless options. Start by asking the sales associate for a recommendation. Now that you know which notes interest you, you need to be direct and detailed.

“I like deep notes like amber and vanilla” will get you better results than “I want something masculine.” Once you’ve been pointed in the right direction, try a few scents! Spritz them on the paper tester, shake for a few seconds, and take a sniff.

You’ll get a good reading of the top notes this way but remember that heart and base notes come later. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask for a small sample if you like the top notes! You can also spray some on your inner wrist, but avoid mixing scents.

If you find the perfect cologne in-store and money is no object, go ahead and buy it! But if you love a balanced budget and saving a buck or two, head to the internet to find the best deal.


It’s easy to find almost every possible cologne option online, but keep price and quality in mind. If the price seems too good to be true, you might be looking at an imitation product.

Finding a reputable, trustworthy website for designer fragrances is vital! There are several great fragrance sites to shop including www.perfumeprice.co.uk. They offer free shipping, price matching, and great return policies on top of low prices.

If you’re ordering something as personal as cologne, you need flexibility. Thought you were going to love the Chanel Egoist, but it’s too powerful for you? No problem, easy returns!


For indecisive gentlemen, cologne subscription boxes might be a great place to start! You’ll get a home delivery every few months of a variety of high-quality fragrances.

Some services offer small samples that you can order in full sizes if you love them. Others send full-size bottles that you can use or gift to others if they’re not your style.

Custom Perfumers

If you’ve become an expert in fragrance notes and want to design a scent, find a custom perfumery! There are online and in-store options to suit everyone’s needs. Just keep in mind that this is usually a more pricey option, and you’ll need to repeat the process when you run out!

Find Your Signature Scent: Cologne for Older Men

Preferences and sensitivities for different scent notes change as we age. Finding your signature fragrance can be an evolving, life-long journey filled with experimentation!

The best cologne for older men is classic, timeless, and inviting. But that can mean different things for different individuals. So choose your favorite notes and head to the shops (or the web) to find your new scent.

Looking for more guides and information about the fragrance world? Head over to the Fashion and Beauty section to keep reading!



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