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Americans are even more in love with sports betting in 2021 than ever before. In fact, 45.2 million people across the US plan to wager at least some money this NFL betting season in some form or another. This isn’t just a large number, but it’s about 36% more people than placed bets in 2020.

If you’re passionate about sports and looking to turn a profit, you may have considered becoming a bookie before. Pay per head bookies turn a profit by facilitating sports bets via an easy-to-use online platform. Read on to learn what pay per head services are and why you should use them to make bank as a bookie.

What Are Pay Per Head (PPH) Services?

A PPH platform is a type of online sports betting service. These sites serve as central hubs where agents can offer betting options to players. Players can then place bets within the website, which allows for all parties to easily keep track of scores, existing bets, and funds owed to both the bookie and the bettor.

The main factor setting PPH sportsbooks apart from other services is the payment method. Many sports betting platforms charge you a high up-front rate for their packages and don’t require further payment. This isn’t ideal because you’ll need to perform all updates and audits on your own, which means that you’ll likely fall behind and have a quickly outdated website.

Subscription-fee-based payment plans solve this problem since the platform will undergo updates as you pay your way through each month. Unfortunately, these payment plans can cost you a lot of money since your subscription will be a flat fee. If you pay $500 to collect a lot of bets around Super Bowl season, you’ll be stuck playing that same flat fee during the off-season when no one is betting.

PPH services solve this issue by charging you only for the players that you’re actively working with at a given time. You pay a fee of $10-$20 per individual that you’re currently working with. If you have 100 players around a major event and need to pay $1000, you still will only need to pay $100 if you only retain 10 players in the off-season.

The Benefits of PPH

PPH payment methods make your business more scalable and flexible than ever before. You don’t need to worry about ever paying more money than you’re bringing in. This ensures that your business is constantly and consistently profitable.

Another benefit of using a PPH platform is that it’s a fully managed service. If you were to struggle and set up a website on your own, you would still need to perform updates on your own.

You wouldn’t have anyone to assist you with this even if you were to use professional web design services. Running a sportsbook is different than setting up a website for a different kind of business because you need to deal with games and records that are altering in real-time.

Even if you were to call a non-bookie-related web design expert, they wouldn’t have the niche knowledge to help. PPH providers are passionate about sports betting and know how to help you automatically track scores and players.

PPH also is beneficial because it helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. If you were to manually do everything that managed services do automatically, it would take you such a long time to perform the same task as other online sportsbooks that do use PPH services. You also would be more liable to human error, which could damage your reputation.

The Features of a Top PPH Platform

Pay per head platforms are beneficial because of the many features that make them run smoothly. Some of the most important include:

  • Assistance in setting up a custom website (both on the agent and player ends)
  • Automated updates to increase load times, make sure images appear, and ensure that site features and layout are up-to-date
  • Linking to websites that track the scores of events, teams, and players (to prevent you from needing to do so manually)
  • 24/7 call centers and communication methods for both you and your players
  • The ability to accept and make payments in the same interface for easy payout
  • Full control over all of your lines, bets, limits, and players

Top-Notch Security

Along with all of the features listed above, PPH platforms come with security measures to keep you and bettors safe at all times. The first safety feature that the best of these sites offer is allowing bitcoin as a payment method. Cryptocurrency is secure and untraceable, so it isn’t linked to a player’s banking and financial information.

This can help them feel secure since neither the bookie nor the PPH provider will have access to their identity and information. Even though you and your provider may be trustworthy, this adds an extra layer of protection so that there’s no information to steal in the unlikely event of a data breach. You also will be given the option to pay the best PPH providers in bitcoin so that you can have these same security benefits.

Many top software providers also allow you and your players to remain completely anonymous. Your account will be associated with a random number and you can simply use this number when contacting PPH experts. Your players will also have random numbers assigned to their accounts so they can communicate with both you and providers anonymously.

Why Consider Becoming a Professional Bookie?

Now that you know all about PPH services, you likely are wondering why you should become a bookie in the first place. What benefits does this career opportunity offer?

Getting into this business is, first and foremost, extremely profitable. Bookies make a sum based on how much work they’re willing to put into their sportsbooks so that they can grow. While those who aren’t very invested in their business make very little, people who take the time to grow can have an extremely profitable career.

Smaller bookies or those that are just starting out can still make a decent living.

With only 20 bettors wagering an average of $100 per month each, you’ll make about $2000 during this timeframe. This comes out to about $24,000 per year. $100 is also an extremely low average for bets. You likely will make a lot more than this.

If you’re making this amount, you already have more than someone working a minimum wage job does. However, you also have growth and expansion opportunities that can get you rich fast.

Larger bookies with extensive sportsbooks can sometimes find themselves making between $50,000 to $100,000 per week. This amounts to $1-2 million per year. By beginning your career as a PPH bookie, you’ll open the door to a lot of financial opportunities.

Be Your Own Boss

Unlike those in traditional 9-5 jobs, bookies only need to answer to themselves. They can set their own hours and work as much as they like.

This means that you can schedule your job around your life rather than the other way around. You won’t miss out on life experiences and personal opportunities because of your work schedule. If this level of freedom appeals to you, becoming a bookie is one of the most lucrative ways to get it.

Expansion Opportunities

Another great reason to become a professional bookie is that you get to work with a diverse range of people. Since PPH bookies operate and advertise online, you’ll reach an audience of people that reside all across the US. Some bookies that undergo proper licensing procedures can even operate internationally where sports betting is legal.

By expanding your sportsbook to these areas, you’ll get to engage with even more people who share your passion for sports. You also will have the chance to offer betting on more sports and events. After all, soccer may not be a big deal in the US, but it’s still the most popular sport in the world.

This offers you more chances to grow and expand. You can make money from a wider audience and diversify the sources of your income.

Get Started

While there are many lucrative ways that you can make money, PPH sportsbooks are among the best. You can have fun tracking scores, engaging with other sports enthusiasts, and turning a weekly profit larger than some people make in a year.

Now that you know all about pay per head services and why they’re the right choice for your sportsbook, it’s time to learn more about betting options. Check out the ‘sport’ tab on our home page for more information about the popular teams and events that you can offer betting on.



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