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Opulent surroundings, dazzling lights, and playing slots alongside others have always been crucial parts of the traditional casino experience. As beloved as those features are, factors including home responsibilities and public health concerns make online gambling preferable for some. Staying home can also mean keeping far away from temptation for people with drinking issues.

When you gamble responsibly, playing slot machines at online casinos is a fun activity to enjoy on occasion. Yet, the list of casinos online grows every day, making it hard to pinpoint the best online casino for you.

Take some inspiration from this list of options for both free and real money online gambling.

1. dPlay

If you’re new to cryptocurrency but comfortable at a slot machine, making an account at dPlay is a fun way to get started. It has online slots and other virtual casino games you can play with cryptocurrency.

The games are for real money, but you can play free in a sense. People behind the popular site FreeBitCo.in founded a new cryptocurrency made for gambling, which you can use at dPlay. Because FreeBitco.in gives Bitcoin away every day and offers an easy way to convert it to the gambling token, you don’t need to pay out of pocket if you save for a while.

Note that dPlay isn’t yet available in some areas, so you may find yourself shut out—at least for the time being. Gambling laws are easing throughout the world at an unprecedented rate these days. Rest assured there’s a decent chance that you’ll soon have access to this online casino, USA residents.

2. Satoshi Hero

Like FreeBitco.in, Satoshi Hero is a Bitcoin faucet, where users can earn fractions of the currency for nothing but a click and captcha verification. It has a broad selection of slots games you can play if you want to risk your Bitcoin balance.

You can buy additional opportunities to earn and will win much more by doing so. That statement isn’t a marketing trick—it’s how the developers built the site. You have less favorable odds when you don’t spend.

As with the other faucet, when you don’t buy additional chances to win Bitcoin, you invest nothing out-of-pocket. However, the faucet pays very little and you may find yourself gambling with literal fractions of cents.

Despite the low earnings, you don’t earn anything playing other free slots. Here, you get paid real money in the same way free online slots dole out chips every few hours.

3. POP! Slots

You can play slots on any of these platforms on your phone’s web browser, but mobile play isn’t the focus. POP! Slots, on the other hand, is an online slots mobile app partnered with MGM Resorts. It’s a real-time multiplayer casino with plenty of group games along with the usual solo slots.

It’s different than a lot of online casinos as it’s not a website you scroll through to select games. Instead, you walk your avatar through various MGM casinos and sit next to other players at slot machines. As you play, you gain points to access new virtual casinos and slot machines.

This is your best bet for free online slots that replicate the feel of being at a physical casino. You play with tokens that aren’t worth any money, but you do earn points to put towards raffles, MGM Resort coupons, and even free days at the iconic brand’s hotels.

4. Gambit Rewards

Gambit Rewards offers another kind of compromise between free and paid online gambling.

Gambit has online slots, scratch cards, and is a sportsbook. The slot machine selection is limited, but the handful of games vary in design and gameplay so there’s bound to be one you like.

Gambit’s interesting, user-friendly structure sets it apart from other virtual casinos.

The site has tokens you can convert to real money when cashing out, but you can start only with Swagbucks from the rewards site of the same name. You earn them from surveys and other offers on the Swagbucks site and app.

Once you gather enough Swagbucks, you can redeem them for a Gambit gift card. The cards come in amounts ranging all the way from 300 tokens ($3.00) to 10,000 tokens ($100.00).

When you’re done playing and have at least 500 tokens, you can convert your winnings to a slightly reduced cash payout to yourself or charity. Gambit takes a few tokens from those conversions to cover fees and operating costs.

You get the best value from a third option, which is converting the tokens to the same number of Swagbucks. The rewards platform lets you redeem for PayPal gift cards, too, so you can indirectly turn your Gambit winnings into cash.

The benefit of this system is that you’ll never spend money. You can’t buy Gambit tokens—The site’s creators did this to help users avoid the biggest dangers of gambling.

Another protective feature is that once you convert “play tokens” to “prize tokens,” you can’t convert them back. Putting some of your balance in the prize section as you go ensures you’ll have some winnings when you wrap up your session.

5. Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots is a top destination for free online slots players. This free casino features more than 90 slots games with exciting graphics and huge jackpots. You’ll never get tired of their wide range of virtual slot machines.

Even if you prefer a real money casino, it’s nice to have a place to hone your slots skills and to satisfy your craving when you can’t or shouldn’t play. If you learn new tactics at the online casino, you could use them to profit more at paid casinos.

If an addiction to gambling is troubling you, switching to free slots could be useful as a step to weaning yourself off the game. That’s no guaranteed solution: If you feel you’ve lost control, you should also reach out to a professional, support group, or friend.

Yet, if you’re like most folks, Gambino’s free slots are useful for slowing down when you approach your limit. If you make a habit of switching to free slots when it feels like you’re spending a bit too much, you’ll nip problem gambling in the bud.

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