5 Reasons to Start Collecting Sports Pins


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For as long as sports have been around, collecting related souvenirs has been part of the game. Trading sports pins go back to the game of curling in the 19th century. And did you know that enamel pins originated in Egypt way back in 1800 B.C.?

So, with this kind of rich history, it’s no surprise why trading pins are still a favorite commodity. Yet, there are more reasons to trade lapel pins than you might think.

But, if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about with trading pins, then keep reading. There are many reasons to stick to it with sports pins, so let’s find them out.

Let’s Bust the Balloon

Has the trading card market become too confusing and expensive for you to enjoy? The memorabilia industry is tricky for some items, but it doesn’t have to be that way for sports pins.

You might already have some pins lying around and are thinking of growing the collection. Here are five top reasons why should.

1. Don’t Break the Bank

Trading pins are a fun and inexpensive hobby to pursue. It’s a pastime that parents and kids can enjoy together. The great thing is you can keep doing it as your children get older.

2. Get In the Game

Follow your favorite professional teams with sports pins. Baseball trading pins are gaining in value and popularity. But, there are more important things than price.

3. Community

Trading pins are great for local sports as well. Let’s say your son or daughter is on a little league team. Softball trading pins are an excellent way for the whole community to get involved.

Local leagues can have pins made at places like MetalPromo with a design that suits each team. That makes a fabulous keepsake for everyone.

4. Not Just About Sports Pins

People design lapel pins for many different interests other than sports. For example, there are pins for T.V. shows and movies. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

So, you can also collect by design instead of the subject. Pin trading online will show you how much variety is out there.

5. Meet New People

Trading lapel pins is a lot like other group functions such as comics and card shows. However, you will find attending live events even more entertaining. These shows give you a chance to see more designs for trading pins than you ever imagined.

Talk to the merchants at the events to get a better idea of what your collection is worth. And, you will have a better opportunity to find that missing piece at a live show.

Sports Pins Are a Good Place to Start

There might not be any more accessible or more fun thing to do than collecting. Sports pins of all kinds show up in places we least expect, but they are extensive.

So start slow and get out there and pin one on now. Collecting is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. When you see the array of styles, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

And if this article stuck with you, come back for more entertaining ideas.




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