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Beyonce, Hillary, Bollywood royalty: India's richest man throws over-the-top wedding

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NEW DELHI -- A private performance by pop superstar Beyonce at a $1,000-a-night lakeside resort. Two former secretaries of state grooving awkwardly on the dance floor. A guest list that looked like India's version of an Oscars red carpet.

This isn't just a big fat Indian wedding; it's the biggest, fattest wedding anyone in India can remember.

...Read more

Thousands demand judge's removal for granting Baylor student no jail time in rape case

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Thousands have signed a petition calling for the judge in an ex-Baylor frat president's rape case to resign or be removed from office after he accepted a plea deal that involved no jail time.

On Monday, Judge Ralph Strother accepted the plea agreement for Jacob W. Anderson, a former Baylor student who was accused of raping ...Read more

Anti-gay comment made 16 years ago costs professor appearance before House committee

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SAN DIEGO -- Anti-gay remarks that a San Diego State University economist made 16 years ago have sparked a political flap that led to the postponement of a congressional hearing on the minimum wage.

Joseph Sabia had been scheduled to appear on Wednesday before the House Committee on Workforce and Education on the effects of raising the minimum ...Read more

Man dressed as Santa Claus says he was shot at while driving in Texas

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FOREST HILL, Texas -- An as-yet unidentified driver might be getting a lump of coal for Christmas after shooting at a man dressed as Santa Claus in a car on Interstate 20 late Tuesday night.

Police say the incident happened at about 11:30 p.m. on I-20 at the Anglin Drive exit.

A man referred to by police only as "Santa" said he was cut off by ...Read more

No chief out of 'central casting' this time for 'unmanageable' Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump had been in office just a few minutes when he boasted that John F. Kelly looked like a military general straight out of a Hollywood movie, but now the president is holding a likely extended casting call for a more loyal chief of staff -- one who will immediately have to navigate a thicket of congressional and federal ...Read more

Flight has to turn around after human heart was left onboard

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SEATTLE -- On Sunday afternoon, a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Dallas made a hairpin turn over eastern Idaho and headed back for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The reason, the captain told passengers: Someone forgot to unload a human heart.

Dr. Andrew Gottschalk recalled that his fellow passengers went through a series of ...Read more

Police sergeant accused in gas station robberies resigns

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CHICAGO -- A Rosemont, Ill., police sergeant accused of robbing two gas stations at gunpoint has resigned from the force, officials said.

Edward Karas, 40, was charged in September with armed robbery after police said he, along with another man, robbed a Fire King Exxon at 8500 W. Lawrence Ave. in Norridge and a Shell gas station at 2301 W. ...Read more

The man who demanded $50,000 for each Honduran returning home plans a liberation movement from the migrant shelter

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SAN DIEGO -- Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, the unofficial spokesperson of a group of Honduran migrants who caused an uproar by suggesting the U.S. pay $50,000 to each person who returns home, hasn't set foot in Honduras in more than three decades.

He left his birthplace in 1987, after being accused of planting a bomb in a Chinese restaurant that ...Read more

Virgin Galactic reaches suborbital space for the first time

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MOJAVE, Calif. -- Virgin Galactic reached suborbital space for the first time in a test flight Thursday, bringing Richard Branson's company closer to flying its customers beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Thursday was the fourth time VSS Unity fired up its rocket motor and flew on its own power after being released from the belly of a larger, twin-...Read more

Girl accused in Uber driver's slaying to be moved to adult jail after saying she wanted to go on killing spree, prosecutor says

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CHICAGO -- A Chicago girl accused of attacking and killing an Uber driver last year will be moved to adult jail when she turns 18 next week, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Eliza Wasni's public defender fought against moving the troubled teen to Cook County Jail. Officials say she has committed hundreds of rule violations in juvenile detention and ...Read more

Community works to make compassion the theme of Sandy Hook anniversary

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NEW BRITAIN, Conn. -- When student athletes, firefighters and Girl Scouts converge Friday on Central Connecticut State University, they'll somberly honor the anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass murder -- and do something more.

They and dozens of other volunteers will be accepting donations of winter clothes, food, toys and other supplies for the...Read more

Trump breaks silence on Cohen sentencing, returns to Mexico wall claim

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WASHINGTON -- As federal investigators appear to be moving closer and closer to his doorstep, President Donald Trump broke his silence on several new legal developments but he returned Thursday to his familiar contention that Mexico will pay for his southern border wall.

First on Wednesday, Trump's former personal attorney and "fixer," Michael ...Read more

'It's basically an Apocalypse Now': Cops detail confusion of Parkland mass shooting

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As a state commission concluded that the police response to Florida's deadliest school shooting was marred by mismanagement, prosecutors released official accounts Wednesday from the cops who plunged headfirst into the chaos.

In their words:

"I couldn't key up the god damn radio. It was just a tone, a tone, a tone," Broward Sheriff's SWAT ...Read more

A new NC congressional election — if called — would be a full do-over

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A proposal that would require another primary in the 9th Congressional District if suspected absentee ballot fraud results in a new election won legislative approval Wednesday.

The requirement for a complete do-over in the 9th District is part of wide-ranging legislation that restructures the State Board of Elections and keeps ...Read more

On Christmas Eve, Santa delivers presents … and a few extra heart attacks

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If you think of the night before Christmas as a time for hot cocoa, cozy fires and Bing Crosby albums, a new discovery by Swedish researchers may well break your heart:

The risk of suffering a heart attack spikes on Christmas Eve.

That finding is based on a comprehensive database of hospital statistics that includes 283,014 cases of heart ...Read more

As surgeons tout robot-assisted breast cancer surgeries, safety remains a question

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Is doing major surgery through small incisions better for the patient than more traumatic traditional methods?

The answer is surprisingly complicated, especially for patients who have cancer -- or don't realize they have cancer. Minimally invasive technology may fragment a tumor before extracting it, leaving unseen malignant cells behind to ...Read more

This is how 9 sexual predators got hundreds of girls to trust them

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DETROIT -- In today's computer-addicted world, online predators are a constant concern, especially for parents whose kids are tied to their phones, tablets or laptops.

Many parents may wonder: How do predators get to the kids in the first place? How do they earn their trust? And how do they convince kids to do bad things on the internet?

The ...Read more

Global bankers spurn Trump's pleas to keep making loans for coal

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is trying to recruit international lenders to his pro-coal crusade.

They aren't enlisting.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, established to help foster democracy-building projects in former communist countries, is poised to adopt a strategic plan that rules out financing coal plants and ...Read more

Voters shrug as energized House Democrats vow action on climate

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WASHINGTON -- Polls show climate change still lags health care, jobs, immigration and the federal budget deficit among voters' priorities.

But Democrats, under pressure from activists on the left, plan to make it a marquee issue when they take over the House of Representatives next month. It's a strategy with some peril for a party that lost ...Read more

The shadow campaign for Democratic presidential nomination is well underway

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WASHINGTON -- Eric Garcetti doesn't carry the star power of political celebrities like Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker when he heads out of state to test the waters of a presidential run, but he does have something else to offer: the financial firepower of Hollywood.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and...Read more


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