What company was led by Fritz Gerber prior to Franz B. Humer?

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Bayer AG
Ford Motor Co.
Cisco Systems, Inc.

What did the Enron company trade in?

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What was the billionth song sold by iTunes?

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Grillz By Nelly
Speed Of Sound By Coldplay
Walk Away By Kelly Clarkson
You're Beautiful By James Blunt

What is the period at the beginning of the trading session called?

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Open Bidding
The Close
Closing Out
The Opening

What ad campaign for McDonald's was known to be their most successful?

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Chicken McNuggets
The 99 Cent Big Mac
The Arch Deluxe
The Batman Happy Meal

Who was Jeffrey Skilling's attorney in the Enron case?

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Kenneth Lay
Andrew Fastow
Daniel Petrocelli
Mark Koenig

What does nexus mean?

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Price Fluctuation
A Set Of Connected Things
The Sum Of Assets
Cash Flow

In the financial, what term is used metaphorically to describe a large economic bubble?

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Tulip Mania
Stock Market Crash
Bear Market
Stock Split

When a bank offers to extend money to a customer, it is done with what?

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High Interest Bond
Treasury Note
Line Of Credit

What do official reserves consist of?

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Gold And Foreign Currencies
Cash And Liquid Earnings
Bonds And Notes

Which company supplied two freighters for the Bay of Pigs invasion?

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Sears And Roebucks
United Oil
United Fruit Co.

Which President's picture would you find on the U.S. dollar bill?

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George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson

Who built his business on the basis of horizontal integration?

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Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
J.P. Morgan
John D. Rockefeller



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