I Want to Be Wanted

Bob Goldman on

The worm has turned.

Companies large and small are looking for workers, and workers, large and small, are looking for reasons to return to the daily grind.

It's a situation we haven't experienced in a while -- the demand for employees to work in our restaurants, hotels, factories and offices exceeds the supply. No wonder our corporate overlords are befuddled.

"What can we do?" the bosses cry. "How can we get workers back to work?"

"We could give them free, week-long training programs in organizational engagement to grow developmental productivity," says the HR department.

"We could increase the RAM on their laptops," says the IT department.


"We could pay them more," says Edith the intern.

"Edith, you're fired," say the bosses, after the laughter dies down.

In the end, what the head honchos have decided is that the answer to attracting new workers is perks.

Do I mean the kind of perks that managers have received for years, like juicy stock options, ginormous bonuses, and leased luxury cars?


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