The Confidence Game

Bob Goldman on

Whether the meeting is an in-depth job interview or a Zoom-in-the-afternoon quickie, you must ask yourself: Do I come across as "a go-getter, fast-track type person"?

I didn't think so.

Your problem is that you lack confidence. In fact, you have so little confidence that having no confidence is the only thing about which you are confident.

I could try to convince you of all the reasons you should feel confident, except I really can't think of any. So, I'm letting Jack Kelly do it.

Kelly is a senior contributor to Forbes, and it is from his recent posting, "Self-Confidence Leads to Success in Your Job Search and Career -- Here's How You Can Start," that I took the description of a self-confident human person in quotes above.

And I think he is perfectly correct. It would be better to be a go-getter, fast-track kind of person, but what if you have other skills, such as being tall or looking good in sweats?


Fortunately, Kelly has suggestions, and he's confident that they will work.

"Confident people will come up with solutions not complaints. ... These progressive people work toward achieving their goals with gusto and enthusiasm."

Sounds good, but when your gusto tank is running on empty, it's difficult to fool a potential employer, or yourself. That's why I recommend a rousing cheer before signing on to any virtual job interview. Here's a good one:



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