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There's no place like home for holidays.

So says the song.

But being home for the holidays may not be quite so wonderful if work starts pounding on the front door, demanding to be let in.

Let's face it -- with all the ways work can worm its way into our holidays -- emails, texts, the head of HR coming down the chimney -- it takes effort to get away when you get away.

Dana Brownlee can help.

Brownlee is the author of "7 Winning Tactics for Disconnecting from Work During the Holidays," a timely post on Forbes website.


"Too often, the intended relaxing respite is plagued by intermittent work distractions," she writes, "early morning or late evening emails, or just the additional mental stress of worrying about work piling up during the absence."

You never worry about work piling up, or you might actually do some when you're not on vacation, but emails are always stressful, especially when you're at your desk, fighting your way through Summoner's Riff in a tense few hours of "League of Legends" before your midafternoon nap.

We don't have room for all seven tactics, but here are a few to get you started:

Tip No. 1: "Start the work wind down a few days/weeks prior if possible."


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