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Pence The Pliable

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Crucial political decisions often concern which bridges to cross and which to burn. Donald Trump's dilemma is that he burns some bridges by the way he crosses others. His campaign depends on a low-probability event, and on his ability to cause this event without provoking a more-than-equal and opposite reaction.

Extrapolating from...Read more

Tom Cotton, a Republican to Watch

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

After his address at the Republican national convention in Cleveland on Monday, it would be inaccurate to declare that a star is born, because it's been clear for some time that Tom Cotton's performance has been stellar all along. Whether he was at Harvard, with the military, or in the U.S. Senate, he's taken stands no one else might dare -- and...Read more

Is America Ready for a Disruptive President?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Disruptive. That's a good word to describe Donald Trump's presidential candidacy, and to describe the sometimes-ramshackle Republican National Convention his campaign more or less superintended in Cleveland this past week.

Apple disrupted the music industry; Uber disrupted the taxi cartels; Amazon disrupted the mega-bookstores. Global ...Read more

Ted Cruz, a Man of Principle

SAN DIEGO -- Don't get it twisted, Cruz haters. The Texas senator is a straight-up hero.

When Ted Cruz accepted the invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention, and then refused to endorse Donald Trump -- only going so far as to urge delegates to "vote your conscience" -- members of the Trump family and many pundits accused Cruz ...Read more

Christie's Jail Talk at the Convention is Okay, Because Sometimes Liberals Do the Same

The Republican National Convention's rowdy chants about Hillary Clinton -- "Lock her up!" -- have caused liberal journalists to get extremely distressed. In its lead editorial on July 21, The Washington Post fulminated that team Trump's "descent from standard red-meat partisanship to unprecedented accusations of criminality displays contempt for...Read more

Why I Am Not a Cruzite

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Ted Cruz's electrifying performance at the 2016 Republican National Convention will be long remembered, and deservedly so. At a critical moment, when the party of Lincoln had uncomfortably but nonetheless thoroughly embraced a lifelong Democrat/reality star/violence-abettor -- and when few leading Republicans had demonstrated the courage to ...Read more

Notes from Cleveland: The Two-Part Rebellion

WASHINGTON -- The main purpose of the modern political convention is to produce four days of televised propaganda. The subsidiary function, now that nominees are invariably chosen in advance, is structural: Unify the party before the final battle. In Cleveland, the Republicans achieved not unity, but only a rough facsimile.

The internal ...Read more

Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

The self-righteousness and smugness of Ted Cruz in refusing to endorse Donald Trump, then walking off stage in Cleveland, smirking amidst the boos, takes the mind back in time.

At the Cow Palace in San Francisco in July of 1964, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, having been defeated by Barry Goldwater, took the podium to introduce a platform plank ...Read more

To Bring Order and Peace to America, Look to The Bible

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

In 1926, speaking about the Declaration of Independence on its 150th anniversary, President Calvin Coolidge noted the unique philosophy behind the creation of the United States: ...Read more

A Wall Too High For The GOP?

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Political conventions are echo chambers designed to generate feelings of invincibility, sending forth the party faithful with a spring in their steps and hope in their hearts. Who would want to be a wet blanket at such moveable feasts?

Steve Munisteri would. Although he calls himself "the eternal optimist," he respects reality, ...Read more

Pence's Perplexing Pivot to Trump

SAN DIEGO -- Say it isn't so, Mike.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has won "Vice President Apprentice" and earned the dubious distinction of serving alongside Donald Trump on the Republican presidential ticket.

I understand why Trump offered Pence the job; the Indiana governor is first-rate, well-liked and widely respected with a calm and reassuring ...Read more

'Fact-Checkers' vs. the Benghazi Mom

When FBI Director James Comey came before the press to deliver his bizarre proclamation -- that Hillary Clinton had lied relentlessly about her private email server but shouldn't be prosecuted because no prosecutor would ever dare take her to court (even though prosecutors all over the country rose to say they'd do so immediately) -- many were...Read more

Who Gets Absolute Moral Authority?

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

My 12-year-old son couldn't remember the phrase "take a walk down memory lane" last week, instead describing a stroll through "nostalgia road." I knew it would come in handy.

Put on your hiking boots and join me for an educational trip down good ol' nostalgia road.

It seems like yesterday when Champion of Wimmin Maureen Dowd, bemoaning the ...Read more

A Pivot to the Center

From the Right / Paul Greenberg /

Every time a voter contemplates the prospect of another President Clinton, it may be enough to make the prospect of a President Trump palatable. And vice versa.

Swirling between the Scylla and Charybdis of this weird presidential race, the poor voter may find himself caught up in a whirlpool of second, third and fourth thoughts, with still more...Read more

A List of the Liberal Elites Who Are Destroying Amercia

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

It appears that no matter how many men, women and children Islamists slaughter or maim, few in the West take Islamic terror seriously. This may sound odd, given how much talk there is about terror, but a compelling case can be made for this assertion.

1) The Western elites

The elites of the Western world are far more preoccupied with -- and ...Read more

Pence is Salt to Trump's Pepper

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The announcement by Donald Trump of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate had not yet been made official last Thursday, but that didn't stop the hard left from hauling out its familiar and overused rhetoric.

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of ...Read more

Is the Party Over for Bushism?

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

Neither George W. Bush, the Republican Party nominee in 2000 and 2004, nor Jeb, the dethroned Prince of Wales, will be in Cleveland. Nor will John McCain or Mitt Romney, the last two nominees.

These former leaders would like it thought that high principle keeps them away from a GOP convention that would nominate Donald Trump. Petulance, ...Read more

Will Trump's 'Other People's Money' Campaign Prevail Over Clinton's Standard Tactics?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Donald Trump postponed the announcement of his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, because of the terrorist attack in Nice, which was in line with the modus operandi of his campaign. He didn't want to preempt news media coverage of another radical Islamist terrorist attack.

Disarray and disorder work against the party in power, especially ...Read more

The Dumbest Idea

From the Right / Thomas Sowell /

If there were a contest for the most stupid idea in politics, my choice would be the assumption that people would be evenly or randomly distributed in incomes, institutions, occupations or awards, in the absence of somebody doing somebody wrong.

Political crusades, bureaucratic empires and lucrative personal careers as grievance mongers have ...Read more

Special Privileges for a Special Job

SAN DIEGO -- Dallas Police Chief David Brown spoke volumes when he said recently that Americans expect police officers to do too much, provide too many services and serve too many functions.

Yet the problem is bigger than that. Many people also have unrealistic expectations about what is required for police officers to do their jobs.

Take, for...Read more