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The Federal Government Continues to Fund Hatred Against Christians

Pardon us if you've heard this routine one too many times. Barbara Hollingsworth of CNS News reported that the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently using government money to exhibit a painting that, yet again, projects anti-Catholic bigotry. They cannot stop hating Christianity (and Christians), and the federal ...Read more

NPR Lets Funders Call the Tune

Socialist media critics always insist that the commercial media cannot be trusted because they are funded by the likes of Kellogg's and Campbell's and McDonald's -- a capitalist advertising structure. Noncommercial media are inherently much more trustworthy. They are funded by liberal politicians, liberal foundations and interest groups.

This...Read more

Liberal Agenda Has Sexuality and Gender Upside Down

The left used to congratulate itself on being the "Free Speech Movement." It used to celebrate the rebellious anarchists who used obscene words and forced sexually graphic images and conversations into the public sphere. Conservatives were the ones who insisted on decency in the public discourse and demanded regulation, both within the private ...Read more

Liberal Media Attacks Trump Unfairly

The New York Times proclaimed the results of its six-week "investigation" of Donald Trump's behavior with women on the front page of the Sunday paper. It discovered that Trump is kind of sleazy around women. The Times wants us to know this right now -- as opposed to six months ago -- when it's clear he will be the Republican nominee running ...Read more

Ken Burns is the Pompous Poster Boy for Liberalism

"Like the amputated limb felt long after it has been cut off, I miss Trayvon Martin," the famous orator said. Who would utter such an elaborate expression of white guilt? Try star PBS documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, gushing his way through a government-funded honor: the Jefferson Lecture, the "nation's highest honor for intellectual achievement...Read more

Team Obama Boasts of 'Ventriloquizing' the Press

President Obama's political appointees are not only celebrated by the media as the best and brightest America has to offer; they are promoted as being so bright that they are allowed to boast about how they masterfully manipulate the press, like sculpting a can of smelly, journalistic Play-Doh.

The New York Times Magazine wrote a long profile...Read more

The Night Obama Crushed the Comedian

The White House Correspondents Association throws an enormous annual dinner that's a pillar of the Washington, D.C. power-elite scene. The correspondents hire a comedian and the president comes to be mocked a little...or a lot. Reporters still adore Stephen Colbert for ripping into George W. Bush in 2006, still using his fake conservative ...Read more

Trump's Press Clips Better Than Clinton's?

Politico Magazine published its third annual "Media Issue," complete with polls of reporters who are perhaps the most resistant to being polled, fearing how they might reveal which viewpoint is ideologically dominant in the press.

So, who will these reporters vote for in November? Reporters surveyed were very, very coy. Politico surveyed 82 ...Read more

Gender Isn't Simply Wished Away, and PolitiFacts Pants Are On Fire

The liberal opinion site that calls itself PolitiFact insists it's just a fact-checking website. When choosing to assess whether a politician's claim is true or false, their "About Us" page says they ask: "Is the statement rooted in a fact that is verifiable? We don't check opinions, and we recognize that in the world of speechmaking and ...Read more

The Liberal Media is Diabolical and Engages in Outright Sacrilege

At the very end of the April 16 "Saturday Night Live," the NBC skit show mocked the Christian movie "God's Not Dead 2," which, like its predecessor, explores how modern American culture denies the existence of God, especially in our classrooms. It did so by mocking God himself.

NBC mocked the idea that Christians are being denied religious ...Read more

HBO: Just Another Liberal History Bungling Media Outlet

HBO should stand for History Bungling Office. Over and over again, they have abused their disclaimer that certain films are "fact-based dramatizations." They re-litigated Al Gore's 2000 "victory" in "Recount." They viciously cartooned Sarah Palin's vice-presidential candidacy in "Game Change" without putting up any such disclaimer. Now, they're...Read more

Sanders Pushes Hillary Far to The Left

If conventional wisdom ruled in this election cycle thus far, America's most prominent journalists would have painted the traditional portrait of the candidates. They would show Hillary Clinton and the Democrats warmly reminding the country of her husband's allegedly centrist presidency. Whoever the Republicans nominated would either be declared...Read more

Idiotic, Liberal Bathroom 'Freedom Fighters' Loathe Traditional Religious Values

Back in the 1980s, Bruce Springsteen and other rock stars formed Artists United Against Apartheid and performed a song proclaiming "Sun City" that referenced an entertainment resort in a region of South Africa. The song mocked the Reagan administration's constructive engagement policy to end apartheid. And rock stars also routinely performed in ...Read more

Donald Trump's Rigged Media

Now that it looks like the GOP nomination won't be decided until a contested convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump and his supporters assert that the whole system is undemocratic.

But if democracy was organized to give everyone a fair and equal shot to impress voters with their knowledge and experience, then our system has been rigged for ...Read more

Liberal HBO's Disgusting Fetish for Purveyor of Sadomasochistic Pornography

HBO shocked the world on April 4 by unveiling a 100-minute documentary honoring the legacy and legislative career of Sen. Jesse Helms.

Kidding -- delayed April fool. It did, though, feature Senator Helms as a villain in a 100-minute documentary honoring the life and art of Robert Mapplethorpe, the infamous anti-Christian, penis-obsessed ...Read more

Liberal Media's Stephanopoulos Still Disgusts Me

Less than a year ago, ABC's George Stephanopoulos admitted that he had made $75,000 of undisclosed contributions to the charitable foundation/campaign operation of his former employers, Bill and Hillary Clinton. He then personally pledged he wouldn't moderate a Republican primary debate this year. But ABC News later issued a statement of support...Read more

Socialist Sarandon Is Burning for Bernie

Actress Susan Sarandon embodies the definitive caricature of the raving socialist who brims with "compassion" and with an estimated net worth of $50 million. She infuriated many liberals by telling MSNBC host Chris Hayes on March 28 that she can only envision Sen. Bernie Sanders for president: "I really want to be on the right side of history, ...Read more

Dumping Tabloid Trash on Ted Cruz

The National Enquirer's name in journalism is synonymous with factually unsupported drivel of the lowest kind. It is a sacred truth that no responsible journalist would reference the kind of garbage found in this tabloid.

But somehow it's perfectly appropriate for the same responsible journalists to report the sleaze over and over, emphasizing,...Read more

Liberal Media Mocks Catholics During Holy Week

To Catholics, the week before Easter is Holy Week, a time to prepare for the most special feast day of the year: celebrating the resurrection of Christ. To Hollywood, it is a time to flog the Catholic Church with vicious portrayals of corruption and hypocrisy.

Hollywood insists that its products reflect a market demand. But there is no market ...Read more

Lamenting the Right Wing in Europe

The smoke hasn't even cleared from the airport in Brussels, and already the press is issuing its typical lament: This will only stoke Europe's right wing and spread rampant Islamophobia.

NBC's Richard Engel complained on the "TODAY" program, "We're already seeing the rise of the right wing. We're already seeing rise of hate attacks, where ...Read more


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