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Christie's Jail Talk at the Convention is Okay, Because Sometimes Liberals Do the Same

The Republican National Convention's rowdy chants about Hillary Clinton -- "Lock her up!" -- have caused liberal journalists to get extremely distressed. In its lead editorial on July 21, The Washington Post fulminated that team Trump's "descent from standard red-meat partisanship to unprecedented accusations of criminality displays contempt for...Read more

'Fact-Checkers' vs. the Benghazi Mom

When FBI Director James Comey came before the press to deliver his bizarre proclamation -- that Hillary Clinton had lied relentlessly about her private email server but shouldn't be prosecuted because no prosecutor would ever dare take her to court (even though prosecutors all over the country rose to say they'd do so immediately) -- many were...Read more

The Funhouse Mentality of the Libertine Liberal

In the wake of the Dallas police murders, Hollywood liberals such as Lena Dunham have chosen to target ... action movie posters. On social media, Dunham boosted a crusade to remove the gun from Matt Damon's hand in New York subway ads for the latest "Bourne Identity" movie.

Since the left insists on diverting attention from the coldblooded ...Read more

Liberals Won't Blame a Murderer for His Murder

When white racist Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine people in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, it was very easy for President Obama and his media enablers to paint with a broad brush and blame the wider political culture. Bill Maher even blamed Fox News and the Daily Caller and the Drudge Report.

But when black racist ...Read more

Stupidly 'God Bless America' Is Controversial According to Idiots

It didn't used to be -- that's a phrase we use a lot these days, isn't it? -- but the Fourth of July festivities bring out the angriest guff from the left. In 1991 Boston Globe arts critic (and aspiring poet) Patricia Smith decided to refashion the national anthem in the leftist rag The Nation.

"Oh say, we've seen too much," she began. "The ...Read more

Liberal Elites and Free Speech? Don't Make Me Laugh

It's a paradox. The liberal media champion themselves as the most open-minded people on planet Earth who are devoted to the freedom of speech. How can intelligent people be so wrong? In reality, liberal elites have a nasty tendency to dismiss "conservative thought" as an oxymoron. They don't read conservative books or magazines, and they wouldn'...Read more

Rich Liberal Elites Shouldn't Have Empathy for Others

There are those boorish moments when a celebrity takes to the stage at an awards show to deliver leftist political drivel. We can't decide which is worse: the predictable America-hating garbage or the journalistic hosannas that inevitably follow.

The other day, "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams launched into a Black Lives Matter-like sermon ...Read more

The Liberal Tilt at PolitiFact

CNN's "Reliable Sources" offered a panel discussion on June 26 asking if Americans are so apathetic to the truth that our politics have entered a "post-fact check phase." This is a reference to Donald Trump, of course. The media believe he's a liar and gets away with it because of public apathy. What these journalists will never concede, ...Read more

Loose Lips Could Sink Gay Ships

After weeks of indecision, ABC announced on May 12 that it would renew the Catholic-bashing sitcom "The Real O'Neals," which is loosely based on the childhood of zealously gay sex columnist Dan Savage. But then, Noah Galvin, the 22-year-old gay actor who plays the gay son, Kenny, gave an interview to New York Magazine's Vulture blog that was so ...Read more

Liberal Media Never Blames Obama Like They Did Bush

In the swing of the Trump wrecking crane, President Obama's approval ratings have risen above 50 percent. The media see greater appreciation for his "competence" in office -- but, why? In the wake of the Orlando attack it's easy to ask, "How competent would the media have made President George W. Bush appear if an Islamic terrorist shot up a gay...Read more

Late-Night Agitators for the Liberal Agenda

The mass shooting in Orlando really infuriated liberals all over again about the lack of gun control -- including liberal journalists and comedians. NBC "Nightly News" anchor Lester Holt blandly promoted how "late-night hosts have once again found themselves straddling the lines between comedians and consolers."

But they weren't consolers. They...Read more

Washington Post: Classic Liberal Media

The Washington Post defined the old term "high dudgeon" when Donald Trump took away its press credentials for being "phony and dishonest."

The paper triggered Trump's act with a loaded headline: "Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting." This could be believable, since Trump bizarrely suggested Sen. Ted Cruz's ...Read more

Quadraplegics Committing Suicide Goes Against God

It's maddening to watch a movie trailer resplendent with engrossing and alluring screenshots projecting a terrific flick, only to learn after paying the price of admission that you'd watched the totality of the movie's value. That's not misleading; it's good advertising.

But sometimes movie studios are just plain guilty of false advertising.

...Read more

Liberal Media Gives Hillary a Pass on Benghazi and Other Scandals

The most obvious sign of liberal media favoritism is that liberal candidates can avoid press conferences for months at a time, and the media don't complain. After the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was attacked in 2012, the media hammered Mitt Romney at a press conference for daring to criticize President Obama, and then supinely allowed Obama to ...Read more

Liberal's Are Now Out to Destroy Football

Football and its most powerful organization, the National Football League, have faced a serious public relations problem regarding concussions. The NFL settled a massive class-action lawsuit brought by former players (and now, another former player is suing). Retired NFL star Junior Seau committed suicide, and was later found to have shown ...Read more

Liberal Media Ignores Hillary's Crimes

Dana Milbank and Ruth Marcus are both Yale-educated reporters-turned-columnists at The Washington Post. They view the world through the same lens. This sometimes means they can write pretty much the same column. It also means they both have a huge blind spot when it comes to sympathizing with Hillary Clinton.

Last Sunday, both columnists wrote ...Read more

The Federal Government Continues to Fund Hatred Against Christians

Pardon us if you've heard this routine one too many times. Barbara Hollingsworth of CNS News reported that the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently using government money to exhibit a painting that, yet again, projects anti-Catholic bigotry. They cannot stop hating Christianity (and Christians), and the federal ...Read more

NPR Lets Funders Call the Tune

Socialist media critics always insist that the commercial media cannot be trusted because they are funded by the likes of Kellogg's and Campbell's and McDonald's -- a capitalist advertising structure. Noncommercial media are inherently much more trustworthy. They are funded by liberal politicians, liberal foundations and interest groups.

This...Read more

Liberal Agenda Has Sexuality and Gender Upside Down

The left used to congratulate itself on being the "Free Speech Movement." It used to celebrate the rebellious anarchists who used obscene words and forced sexually graphic images and conversations into the public sphere. Conservatives were the ones who insisted on decency in the public discourse and demanded regulation, both within the private ...Read more

Liberal Media Attacks Trump Unfairly

The New York Times proclaimed the results of its six-week "investigation" of Donald Trump's behavior with women on the front page of the Sunday paper. It discovered that Trump is kind of sleazy around women. The Times wants us to know this right now -- as opposed to six months ago -- when it's clear he will be the Republican nominee running ...Read more


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