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Why Do Many Jews Support the Iran Deal?

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

The more one knows about the Iran deal, the more obvious it becomes that it is not a deal so much as it is a fraud. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a fraud is "something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people." That precisely describes the Iran deal. Virtually every claim made for it ...Read more

Finding Your Moral Code With God's Help

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

How can we determine what is morally right? The answer to this question -- the most important question human beings need to answer -- is a major difference between Left and Right.

For conservatives, the answer is, and has always been, that there are moral truths -- objective moral standards -- to which every person is accountable. In America, ...Read more

My Responses to the President's Arguments for the Nuclear Deal

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

At American University last week, President Barack Obama gave a vigorous defense of the Iran nuclear agreement. In the belief that every student who was present -- indeed, all Americans -- should hear the other side, here are responses to claims the president made. (For the information of my readers, I made a Prager University video on the ...Read more

Godless Liberals Don't Respect Human Life

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

The uproar over the killing of a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe by an American dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, is further proof that secular society inevitably produces moral confusion.

In saying that, I do not in any way defend the killing of a protected animal. First, I do not hunt for sport (among other reasons, my religion, Judaism, opposes it). ...Read more

I Am Disgusted By The Left's Contempt for America

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

This past week, one of the greatest differences between the Left and Right -- both around the world and in America -- once again came to light: how each views America.

Every year for the past 67 years, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner has been the major fundraising event for the Connecticut State Democratic Party. Not anymore. The party unanimously...Read more

1938 and 2015: Only the Names Are Different

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence.

Why? Because once people acknowledge evil's existence, they know they have to confront it. And most people prefer not to confront evil.

That is what led to World War II....Read more

The Leftist Pope and "The Dung of The Devil"

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Last week the Marxist quasi-dictator of Bolivia, Evo Morales, presented Pope Francis with a gift: a carved wooden hammer and sickle cross on which the figure of Christ is crucified.

The Vatican announced that the pope had not been informed in advance about the gift. And some commentators said photos of the pope and Morales show that the pope ...Read more

The Obvious Superiority of The Right: Part V

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Clarity is conservatives' best friend.

If most Americans were clear about the differences between Left and Right, they would not vote Democrat in nearly the numbers they do. The Left understands this, which is why most left-wing rhetoric is dismissive of conservatives' character -- "sexist," "intolerant," "bigoted," "hateful," "xenophobic," "...Read more

The Formal End to Judeo-Christian America

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the redefinition of marriage seals the end of America as the Founders envisioned it.

From well before 1776 until the second half of the 20th century, the moral values of the United States were rooted in the Bible and its God.

Unlike Europe, which defined itself as exclusively Christian, America became the ...Read more

Religious Talk: Blacks Should Forgive America

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

In an expression of extraordinary magnanimity, relatives of the black church members murdered in Charleston, S.C., arose one after the other to tell Dylann Roof, the murderer of their loved ones, that they forgive him.

That I do not agree with what they did in no way diminishes my ability to be moved by their gesture.

But I do not agree with ...Read more

More Ways the Right is Better Than the Left

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Here's a difference between Left and Right that is rarely noted despite the fact that it is at least as important as any other and even explains many of the other differences.

At the core of left-wing thought is a rejection of painful realities, the rejection of what the French call les faits de la vie : the facts of life. Conservatives...Read more

The Practical Right vs. The Touchy-Feely Left

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

A fundamental difference between the left and right concerns how each assesses public policies. The right asks, "Does it do good?" The left asks a different question.

One example is the minimum wage. In 1987, The New York Times editorialized against any minimum wage. The title of the editorial said it all -- "The Right Minimum Wage: $0.00."

"...Read more

The Virtuous Right vs. The Namby-Pamby Left

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

The difference between Right and Left addressed in this column concerns a fundamentally different method that each utilizes in order to improve society.

Conservatives believe that the way to a better world is almost always through moral improvement of the individual -- by each person doing battle with his own moral defects. It is true that in ...Read more

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