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What's 'Making America One Again' About?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"Make America One Again." That was the stated theme of the last night of the Republican National Convention. In the welter of analysis of Donald Trump's acceptance speech, few have commented on it, but it's worth taking it seriously.

Liberal commentators have dwelled repeatedly on Trump's "dark" and "dystopian" view of America. Apparently, you'...Read more

Is America Ready for a Disruptive President?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Disruptive. That's a good word to describe Donald Trump's presidential candidacy, and to describe the sometimes-ramshackle Republican National Convention his campaign more or less superintended in Cleveland this past week.

Apple disrupted the music industry; Uber disrupted the taxi cartels; Amazon disrupted the mega-bookstores. Global ...Read more

Will Trump's 'Other People's Money' Campaign Prevail Over Clinton's Standard Tactics?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Donald Trump postponed the announcement of his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, because of the terrorist attack in Nice, which was in line with the modus operandi of his campaign. He didn't want to preempt news media coverage of another radical Islamist terrorist attack.

Disarray and disorder work against the party in power, especially ...Read more

Events Roil the 2016 Campaign

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"Events, dear boy, events," the late British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan supposedly replied when asked what he most feared. And events can certainly make a difference, as was apparent this week: Prime Minister David Cameron moved out of No. 10 Downing Street and Theresa May moved in. This came after British voters, against Cameron's advice ...Read more

Will the National Conventions Change the Delegate Selection Rules -- Again?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

When the Republican and Democratic national conventions gather in successive weeks in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively, one item on their plates will be reconsideration of their parties' nominating rules. Just about everyone agrees that they are unsatisfactory in some way or another, and many itch to do something about it.

But what? ...Read more

Hillary Clinton's Non-Indictment May Not Help Her

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Unindicted co-conspirator: Technically, the term, made familiar in the Watergate scandals, does not apply to Hillary Clinton, since no one has been or apparently will be indicted in the emails case.

But if you read the bulk of FBI Director James Comey's statement, it's plain that Hillary Clinton and her top aides conspired to do things that ...Read more

Racial Discrimination on Campus Likely to Go on Forever

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"Affirmative action" will continue to be the routine course of business of college and university admissions for the foreseeable future. That's the bottom line from the Supreme Court's June decision in Fisher v. University of Texas.

By a 4-3 vote, the Court essentially approved the University of Texas' "holistic" admissions as not violating the...Read more

Brexit Due to Failure of Elites, Not Bigotry of Masses

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Bigotry! Nativism! Racism! That's what elites in Britain, Europe and here have been howling, explanations for why 52 percent of a higher-than-general-election turnout of British voters voted for their nation to leave the European Union.

But there is plenty of bigotry, condescension and snobbery in the accusations and the people making them. And...Read more

Brexit Earthquake Hits Britain

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Earthquakes seldom hit the British Isles. But one did late Thursday night and early Friday morning, as the constituency returns started pouring in on the referendum to decide whether the United Kingdom would remain in or leave the European Union.

Most polls had shown a small margin for remain, and betting markets made it an odds-on favorite. ...Read more

Trump Pivoting Away From Tabloid-Style Campaigning

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Donald Trump is the latest proof that the campaign always reflects the candidate and that the candidate is a product of his experience over the years. So, as Trump, after clinching the Republican nomination, reshuffles and rejiggers a campaign that has fallen behind Hillary Clinton, it's instructive to look at his political ground zero.

That ...Read more

Why We Have -- and Probably Will Keep Having -- Sluggish Job Growth

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Why has the American economy had such sluggish job creation and economic growth? That's a pretty fundamental question, and one for which most conventional economists have had unsatisfying answers.

Clues can be found, I think, in the new book by the unconventional economist and blogger Arnold Kling. "Specialization and Trade: A Re-Introduction ...Read more

Brexit Causes Elites Angst -- But Britain May Leave EU Anyway

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"Market Angst as U.K. Edges to Exit," proclaims the headline on The Wall Street Journal's lead story. The exit referred to is Britain's departure from the European Union, a move that will be mandated if a majority votes "leave" rather than "remain" in the national referendum next Thursday.

This outcome would be as astounding, to use the word ...Read more

Possible Errors in Exit Polls Suggest More Election Surprises Ahead

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Are the exit polls, on which just about every elections analyst has relied, wrong? That's a question raised by New York Times Upshot writer Nate Cohn -- a question whose answers have serious implications for how you look at the 2016 general election.

Standard analysis is that Democrats have a built-in advantage because the electorate is ...Read more

Bernie Sanders Wins, Even While Losing

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Bernie Sanders is not going gently into that good night, at least not yet.

After hearing Monday from the Associated Press that Hillary Clinton had clinched the nomination, after absorbing Tuesday night a solid defeat in the California primary and losses in three other states, Sanders was still pledging to go on campaigning for the District of ...Read more

Neither Candidate Is Getting the Immigration Issue Right

From the Right / Michael Barone /

No contemporary political issue has been more controversial, or has been subject to more dubious analyses, than immigration.

Take Donald Trump's endlessly repeated promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. As I've pointed out, that is attacking a problem that no longer exists or that has diminished greatly. Net migration from Mexico...Read more

The Dogs That Aren't Barking -- and Those That Are -- in 2016

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Let's look back on the primary campaign -- completed for Republicans, still ongoing for Democrats -- and see if we can identify what Sherlock Holmes referred to as dogs that didn't bark.

For what's unusual about this campaign is not only that unexpected things happened -- improbable candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders getting more than ...Read more

Cities Should Have Room for Everyone

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Nearly a century ago, in 1920, the Census Bureau caused a ruckus when it announced that, for the first time, a majority of Americans lived in cities -- even though its definition of a city included every hamlet with a population of 2,500 and above.

Today a majority of Americans live in what are by any reasonable definition very large cities, ...Read more

Trump, Clinton Tied in Polls: Were All the Wise Men Wrong?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

It was conventional wisdom among the political cognoscenti during most of the primary season that Donald Trump could not win the general election. The evidence seemed strong.

Over 12 months of polling from May 2015 to April 2016, Hillary Clinton ran ahead of Trump in 63 national polls, while Trump led her in only six and tied her in three. ...Read more

Clinton Policies to End Pay Gap Would Just Make It Larger

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Women, lamented Hillary Clinton in an April 2014 tweet, make just 77 cents on the dollar to men. As a presidential candidate she has repeated that lament again and again, updating the numbers, in line with government statistics, to 78 cents in July 2015 and 79 cents this year.

This injustice, she says, must be remedied by government. "Last time...Read more

'Ferguson Effect' Is Real, and It Threatens to Harm Black Americans Most

From the Right / Michael Barone /

University of Missouri at St. Louis criminologist Richard Rosenfeld has had "second thoughts." Like many academic criminologists, he had pooh-poohed charges that skyrocketing murder rates in many cities in 2015 and 2016 result from a "Ferguson effect" -- a skittering back from proactive policing for fear of accusations of racism like those that ...Read more


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