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In immigration debate, politics and reality diverge

SAN DIEGO -- Apparently worried about being eclipsed on immigration by Donald Trump's traveling road show, House Republicans are preparing to stampede into the debate with a bill aimed primarily at strengthening enforcement.

Naturally. Because the stale and one-dimensional "enforcement only" approach has worked so well up to now.

If ...Read more

McCain Owes an Apology of His Own

SAN DIEGO -- Donald Trump should apologize for saying that John McCain is considered a hero only "because he was captured" during the Vietnam War.

But while we're on the subject of atoning for mistakes, the Arizona senator owes an apology to a group of voters for something that has not been particularly heroic: his rightward lurch on a hot-...Read more

Our Trust in Mexico Should Vanish Like El Chapo

SAN DIEGO -- Adios "El Chapo." You mean to tell me that a notorious Mexican drug lord who was arrested in February of last year, and whose net worth has been estimated by Forbes to be about $1 billion, managed to escape from the Altiplano maximum-security prison west of Mexico City in a poor country where many people earn as little as $6 per day...Read more

Jim Webb: A Respectable Alternative

SAN DIEGO -- Jim Webb, a former Democratic senator from Virginia, likes to joke that he is probably the only person ever elected to statewide office in the Old Dominion who has "a union card, two Purple Hearts and three tattoos."

Now, as the fifth candidate to vie for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Webb is aiming to become the ...Read more

On Immigration, Politicians Seek Sanctuary From Responsibility

SAN DIEGO -- While Donald Trump wants to talk about "sanctuary cities," you can bet that almost every other GOP presidential candidate wants sanctuary from Donald Trump.

The mouthy mogul's screed about Mexican immigrants has sparked a debate over cities that give safe harbor to undocumented people.

Supposedly, San Francisco is one such place. ...Read more

A Candidate Unafraid to Say the Unpopular

SAN DIEGO -- Lindsey Graham just did something that -- in the world of politics -- simply isn't done.

The Republican senator from South Carolina, and 2016 presidential hopeful, performed a public service recently when he reminded us -- at a town hall in Sioux City, Iowa -- that running for president is about more than just winning a popularity ...Read more

White House Apologist Catches Flak Over Immigration

SAN DIEGO -- White House adviser Cecilia Munoz -- who pulls double duty as director of the Domestic Policy Council and the Obama administration's chief Latina spinner of propaganda related to immigration -- was heckled and booed at a recent gathering of immigration lawyers.

Much of the media didn't seem to understand why. The few outlets that ...Read more

The Donald vs. Television

SAN DIEGO -- And then the giant peacock looked Donald Trump square in the eye and said the magic words: "You're fired!"

NBCUniversal has wisely decided to protect its brand and cut all ties to the businessman and presidential candidate. In addition to no longer carrying the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, NBC also canned Trump as host of ...Read more

Trump Deserves the Latino Backlash

SAN DIEGO -- Meet the kinder, gentler Donald Trump.

"The Latinos love Trump," the real estate tycoon told reporters last week. "And I love them."

That's funny. As a Latino, I don't feel loved. I feel used. We have once again been cast as cultural bogeymen to help a Republican scare up votes.

This seems to be what Trump was doing a week ...Read more

One Dreamer's Missed Lesson in Good Character

SAN DIEGO -- Instead of a diploma, one recent college graduate should have received an "Incomplete." She seems to have missed some courses -- "Gratitude 101," "Introduction to Civics" and, finally, "Flag Waving and the Importance of Context."

Indira Esparza, a newly minted graduate of the University of California, San Diego, who entered the U.S...Read more

One Father's Words of Advice

SAN DIEGO -- As we honor America's dads, I'd like to offer my children some fatherly advice -- which, in keeping with a long-standing family tradition, they'll surely ignore.

I won't take it personally. It's the nature of being a dad. We're always second string to that other parental unit, the one with a bigger name. Even the U.S. government ...Read more

Deeper Questions About McKinney

SAN DIEGO -- According to the lore of the Old West, an elite group of lawmen offered a simple equation for keeping the peace: "One riot, one Ranger." In frontier days, it supposedly took only one Texas Ranger to put down a disturbance.

I wonder how many are needed to clean up after a pool party?

This week, it was announced that the Texas ...Read more

Life's Broken Path

SAN DIEGO -- During graduation season, commencement speakers will often urge young people to take the road less traveled. But this year, I'd like to put in a good word for something that can be just as fruitful: the broken path.

Life isn't a straight line. It isn't some neat and manicured stroll. It zigs and zags. It's untidy, unscripted and ...Read more

The Media's Double Standard for Latino Politicians

SAN DIEGO -- Let's say you're a smart and accomplished Latino politician with big dreams, impressive credentials and what many people agree is a bright future. Only one thing stands in your way: You don't speak Spanish.

Will that fact cause you any grief, open you up to criticism or prompt the media to pounce? If you're a Republican, the answer...Read more

Jenner's World-Class Vanity

SAN DIEGO -- With the tale of Caitlyn Jenner -- the television personality and Olympic athlete formally known as "Bruce" -- you have to take the good with the bad.

It's good that someone who says she spent her entire life living a lie and keeping secrets is finally free to be herself, and that anyone else who feels the same way might take ...Read more

Repellent Talk From the Left

SAN DIEGO -- Liberals often say they want to take people of color and lift them up. If so, it might help to stop talking down to them.

Those on the left do that when they're making themselves feel superior, arguing that Latinos and African-Americans can't succeed without them, or putting in their place dissidents who challenge the liberal ...Read more

On Immigration, a Predictable Chaos

SAN DIEGO -- This week, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen's injunction against President Obama's executive moves on immigration. Here are the five most important takeaways.

-- The media need to stop calling what Obama issued an "executive order." It's not. Deferred Action for ...Read more

Christie Tells it Like It Is

SAN DIEGO -- What if Chris Christie gave an important and impassioned speech on U.S. foreign policy, domestic surveillance, the Patriot Act, military readiness, prosecuting terrorists, keeping the United States safe, and America's place in the world -- and almost no one paid attention?

That's what happened last week when the New Jersey governor...Read more

On Immigration, The Two Hillarys

On immigration, Hillary Clinton is a work in progress -- and has been since she entered politics more than a dozen years ago. Depending on which audience she is trying to please, she assumes one of two conflicting personas: Restrictionist Hillary or Reform Hillary.

In 2003, Restrictionist Hillary told conservative radio host John Grambling that...Read more

The Clinton-Stephanopoulos Connection

SAN DIEGO -- In 1999, a week after Al Gore claimed that he created the Internet, Bill Clinton appeared at the Gridiron Club's annual dinner. Having recently been stung by a former close adviser who signed a deal with a television network and penned a memoir distancing himself from the 42nd president, Clinton joked that he, too, was an inventor: ...Read more

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