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Congressional Hispanics' Hollow Advocacy

SAN DIEGO -- Hear ye, hear ye. Let it henceforth be known that the honorable members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus do not sanction the word "illegals." They prefer the term "undocumented."

For my part, I never use "illegals" as a noun, and I often use "undocumented." Not because it's politically correct, but, because in the context of ...Read more

All Turned Around on Syrian Refugees

SAN DIEGO -- Because of mistakes, miscalculations and missed opportunities, President Obama's foreign policy has gone from bright red lines to little orange cones.

No wonder Obama is trying to change the subject by seizing on the blunders, bluster and blind spots of Republicans. Luckily for the White House, the GOP is only too happy to oblige ...Read more

It's Time for War

SAN DIEGO -- There's a scene in the great western "Tombstone" where Wyatt Earp, played by Kurt Russell, points a shotgun at a terrified member of a murderous gang. "The Cowboys" were responsible for much mayhem, and they all wore red sashes.

"The Cowboys are finished," he says. "I see a red sash, I kill the man wearin' it!"

This sounds like a ...Read more

How Trump Lost Latinos

SAN DIEGO -- Exactly how did Donald Trump -- in just five months -- go from being, for Latinos, a symbol of success to the embodiment of hate? Much of the blame goes to an ongoing marketing effort by a master salesman to fuel his presidential campaign with fear and prejudice.

The latest episode of the Trump telenovela is surreal, as he has ...Read more

Marco's Moment

SAN DIEGO -- Even with the media's fascination with the use of a government credit card, here is something you can take to the bank: This is Marco's moment.

Buoyed by solid debate performances, and the growing realization among GOP primary voters that Florida's junior senator may be the best natural communicator to seek the presidency in a ...Read more

Congressional Hispanics take a (trivial) stand

SAN DIEGO -- Dear Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

Thank you for zeroing in on the controversy over Donald Trump hosting "Saturday Night Live" -- and making a federal case out of it.

I've often criticized the 26 of you for failing to pull your own weight, worshipping at the altar of re-election, putting your personal interests ...Read more

The CNBC Debate's Teaching Moment

SAN DIEGO -- The great thing about journalism is that those who practice it are always in a position to learn something new.

For instance, I'm learning a lot about presidential debates. As someone who's been doing this a long time, I always thought that the purpose of a debate was for the candidates to flesh out differences in their approaches ...Read more

Bush Gets Run Over by Everyone, Even Dreamers

SAN DIEGO -- As Jeb Bush's campaign sputters and donors get nervous, analysts are asking whether someone who is not good at retail politics can be elected president. Meanwhile, commentators wonder how someone who can't hold his own against Marco Rubio and Donald Trump would hold the line against Vladimir Putin and the Islamic State.

A better ...Read more

The War On Tests

SAN DIEGO -- Do you remember when teachers liked tests? Do you recall a time when they didn't seem to care that students might stress over a final exam in history, or didn't worry that a pop quiz in spelling was only a "snapshot" of what a student knew, or didn't criticize standardized tests because students don't all learn the same way?

Sure ...Read more

Even With Biden Out, Obama-Clinton Friction Remains

SAN DIEGO -- Many Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief over Joe Biden's announcement that he is "out of time" and will not be challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Social media have been peppered with magnanimous postings by liberals praising Biden as "a class act" and "a true statesman."

The odd part is ...Read more

"La Hillary" Moves to Shore up Latino Support

SAN DIEGO -- Introducing "La Hillary."

Supposedly, this kinder and gentler version of the Democratic front-runner will be more user-friendly for Latinos.

The elements include: proclaiming support for comprehensive immigration reform despite having done little to achieve it while in the Senate; bashing Republicans for slimy attempts to ...Read more

What if Biden Enters?

SAN DIEGO -- In the recent Democratic presidential debate, the person to watch was at home Biden his time.

After the debate, which had all the intensity and hostility of a suburban book club, media commentators wondered whether there is still room for Joe Biden to join the race.

Even if he decides to get in, it's not like he would make the ...Read more

Obama Can't See the Error of His Ways

SAN DIEGO -- Wisdom is commonly defined as having experience, knowledge and good judgment. But it also means looking back, accepting mistakes, and understanding where we went wrong.

As President Obama demonstrated recently during a contentious interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," he still lacks wisdom.

Like many presidents, Obama has trouble ...Read more

For Hispanics, a Tale of Two Realities

SAN DIEGO -- As the curtain falls on Hispanic Heritage Month, America's most underappreciated minority is still trying to make sense of two different realities. In a Dickensian twist, the nation's 54 million Hispanics are living through the best of times and the worst of times.

On the one hand, Hispanics are told we shape popular culture, will ...Read more

For Hispanics, A Tale of Two Realities

SAN DIEGO -- As the curtain falls on Hispanic Heritage Month, America's most underappreciated minority is still trying to make sense of two different realities. In a Dickensian twist, the nation's 54 million Hispanics are living through the best of times and the worst of times.

On the one hand, Hispanics are told we shape popular culture, will ...Read more

McCarthy Panders His Way To The Top

SAN DIEGO -- For the last few years, I've wondered what it is about Kevin McCarthy that gives me the creeps.

The Republican seems plenty affable, and he is obviously good enough at politics to have ascended rapidly through the ranks of congressional leadership in just his fifth term. Still, there is something about him I don't trust.

Now, ...Read more

Recovering From My Reunion

SAN DIEGO -- It's been a week since, in what seemed like a quick vacation to the past, I traveled to my hometown to reconnect with high school classmates 30 years after graduation.

And I still have a reunion hangover. Here's how I figure it: Muscles get sore when strained, and our hearts are made of muscle. As my friends and I tried in vain to ...Read more

Francis: The Immigrants' Pope

SAN DIEGO -- Pope Francis is beloved precisely because he doesn't believe he's anything special. He frustrates his security detail by venturing into crowds, showing kindness to children and the physically challenged.

This is the unique gift of the pontiff formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Pope Saint John Paul II, the fierce opponent of ...Read more

Fiorina is Flying High

SAN DIEGO -- There's something about Carly.

With Donald Trump and Ben Carson flirting with anti-Muslim xenophobia, Republicans are hungry for an outsider who isn't out of her mind.

And, fueled by another strong debate performance, Carly Fiorina is burning a path through the GOP presidential field. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO catapulted into...Read more

Reuniting With Those Who Knew Us When

SAN DIEGO -- In the film "Stand by Me," the narrator -- voiced by Richard Dreyfuss -- offers an observation that sooner or later becomes undeniable as we advance in years: Friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant.

Social network sites like Facebook have cheapened the concept of friendship. But they also provide a ...Read more


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