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California Looms Large on the GOP's Horizon

SAN DIEGO -- In this presidential election, California could count for a lot. And that's an idea that many residents of the Golden State are going to need some time getting used to.

For many years, the nation's most populous state -- with its 39 million people, 58 counties and 163,000 square miles -- has been on the sidelines. The California ...Read more

Obama's Dangerous Action On Immigration

SAN DIEGO -- In opposing President Obama's executive actions on immigration, critics on the right have it wrong.

The arguments made to the Supreme Court by conservatives who oppose the administration's efforts to temporarily defer deportation and grant work permits to two groups of undocumented immigrants -- young people brought to the United ...Read more

Latinos May Have to Hold Their Nose at the Ballot Box

SAN DIEGO -- In recent weeks, I've been speaking on college campuses about how immigration, Latino voters and the presidential election all fit together.

Donald Trump doesn't fare well in my remarks. But neither does Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders.

Clinton is all over the map on immigration. While serving in the Senate, she ...Read more

Trump Goes From Winning to Sore Losing

SAN DIEGO -- As a frequent critic of the Republican front-runner, I never imagined that I'd miss the original Donald Trump. But lately I've become a tad nostalgic for the overbearing bully who burst onto the national political scene last year.

What we have now -- Trump 2.0 -- isn't much of an improvement. He isn't any kinder or gentler. Instead...Read more

Trump Satire Shows the Globe's Hypocrisy

SAN DIEGO -- Newspapers ought to focus on doing good journalism, and leave the satire to professionals.

Just look at the ruckus that ensued when The Boston Globe created a mock front-page postdated a year from now, in April 2017. Running this past Sunday in the paper's "Ideas" section, and put together by the editorial board, the parody ...Read more

Tax the Ill-Gotten Gains of Mexican Labor

SAN DIEGO -- There was an uncomfortable moment when Donald Trump, of all people, offered a proposal in the immigration debate that sounded eerily similar to something I have been thinking about.

After 25 years of reporting and writing on immigration, I recently found myself trying to come up with a new way to deter illegal immigration into the ...Read more

Putting Our Children on the Road to Success

SAN DIEGO -- It's that time of year when anxious high school seniors assess their worth by checking their email.

The nation's colleges and universities are announcing their decisions. At prestigious schools like Stanford, Yale and Princeton, one out of every 20 applicants is admitted.

No wonder so many people are picking up the recent book by ...Read more

Huerta-Dawson Spat Goes Beyond Clinton-Sanders

SAN DIEGO -- Speaking recently to Latino students at Harvard, I shared a lesson learned there 30 years ago:

"Be careful with your own kind. Latinos always attack one another with enthusiasm. We're just not secure enough in what we believe to let others think differently."

Look at the ruckus between former United Farm Workers Vice President ...Read more

Meet the Latinos for Trump

SAN DIEGO -- For Latino conservatives, Donald Trump is the Republican of last resort.

When this bizarre presidential election began, most center-right Latinos favored either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio -- both of whom are moderates on immigration. The majority of Latino voters care most about the same issues that other Americans care about: jobs, ...Read more

Yet Another Case of Media Malpractice

SAN DIEGO -- We have yet another case of media malpractice in the 2016 presidential election.

Reporters, anchors and commentators seem intent on providing many Americans with a warm bath when they need a cold shower. It's not the job of the media to reflect the concerns of consumers, but rather to seek out the truth, and report it even when it'...Read more

On Immigration, Front-Runners Make Promises They Can't Keep

SAN DIEGO -- People running for president say the darnedest things.

In both parties, it appears that politicians save the biggest whoppers for their own supporters. That makes sense. After all, they might butt heads with the opposing team but they get elected by winning over the votes of people who agree with them. Or at least, those gullible ...Read more

The Liberation of Marco Rubio

SAN DIEGO -- Congratulations, Marco Rubio. You're free.

For one thing, now that your presidential bid has ended, and you've already said you're not running for re-election to the Senate, you're no longer shackled by other people's plans for you. Back in December 2011, in Washington, I met with another Republican senator who was part of the GOP ...Read more

For Trump Debacle, We're All to Blame

SAN DIEGO -- Last Friday, my heart sank as I stared in disbelief at images on television of a political rally in Chicago that nearly devolved into a riot.

As someone who was in his crib at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, I'd never seen anything like it before. And, with any luck, I'll never see anything like it again.

But ...Read more

Was This The Right Time for Clinton to Ask for Money in Mexico?

SAN DIEGO -- There's a big difference between not having to defend yourself in a court of law and prevailing in the court of public opinion.

In politics, just because something is legal doesn't mean it is advisable. There might be a public relations issue. Or maybe the optics are bad. Or the timing could be wrong. Perhaps it just raises too ...Read more

How Latinos Will Vote

SAN DIEGO -- Now that Latinos have begun to have their say in the primaries, here are 15 things that Americans ought to keep in mind about this important constituency.

-- Ten states have big Latino populations. Having voted in Nevada, Colorado, and Texas, Latinos go to the polls in Florida and Illinois on March 15, Arizona on March 22, New ...Read more

A Former Mexican President's Foul Response to Trump

SAN DIEGO -- Did you hear what Vicente Fox thinks of the wall that Donald Trump wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border?

We could print his comments in their entirety, but this is a family newspaper.

The former president of Mexico recently used vulgar language to make the point that, no matter what Trump tells supporters, our neighbor isn't ...Read more

The Sandoval Stunt

SAN DIEGO -- If President Obama were as good at leading as he is at playing political games and getting the best of hapless Republicans, the country would be in much better shape. And he would be remembered as a much better president.

Obama is constantly in campaign mode, even now that he can't run for office again. He is a master at reading ...Read more

The Democrats Played Dirty in Nevada

SAN DIEGO -- In the 2016 election, the plotline for Latino Democrats is excitement followed by disappointment.

The Nevada caucuses were supposed to be a coming-out fiesta for America's largest minority. The Silver State is one of three battleground states -- along with Colorado and Florida -- where Latinos make up a significant share of voters....Read more

In the Pursuit of Justice, Scalia Came Up Short

SAN DIEGO -- Far be it from me to speak ill of the deceased. But if I hear one more superficial tribute to a jurist who helped divide America, I'm going to be sick.

In promoting a collective mourning, the admirers of Justice Antonin Scalia have selective memory. And, unfortunately, the media are playing along. The Fourth Estate used to just ...Read more

Becerra Should've Sat This Game Out

SAN DIEGO -- Democrats have a creepy new parlor game: pushing the concept that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are fake Latinos.

Apparently, somewhere, there is a test. And these overachievers failed it -- even though Rubio speaks better Spanish than many of his detractors and, as a child, Cruz was known as "Felito," which paid homage to his father, ...Read more

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