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In This Election, Latinos Made Headlines But Not Headway

SAN DIEGO -- I often wonder how white people see Latinos, America's largest minority and its fastest-growing group of voters.

Do they see us the way we really are, or do they buy into the caricatures generated by media, Hollywood and the political parties? Do they think we're all pushing grievances, playing the victim and accusing anyone who ...Read more

In the Media's Election Coverage, Latinos Have Been on the Losing End

SAN DIEGO -- I was recently asked if I thought the media had failed Latinos in this presidential election.

My answer was a quick and unequivocal "yes."

It's not just Latinos. The media -- especially the so-called elites whose world revolves around Washington and New York -- failed all Americans.

And local media have not been immune. The Daily...Read more

Who Should You Vote For? It's Not for Me To Say

SAN DIEGO -- On Election Day, I'm voting for ...

Actually, it's none of your business who I'm voting for. In fact, I believe there is something wrong with those columnists, pundits and commentators who have, as of late, felt the urgent need to share their presidential picks.

This could be a sign of the times. Many in the media feel compelled ...Read more

If You're Latino and Were Offended by a Certain Candidate, Make Sure You Vote

SAN DIEGO -- Latinos have such contempt for Donald Trump that every little thing sets them off.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll found the Republican nominee trailing Hillary Clinton by more than 50 points among Latinos. Eighty percent expressed a negative view of Trump, while only 13 percent said they view him positively.

...Read more

In This Election, The Media Have Shown They Have the Power -- to Embarrass Themselves

SAN DIEGO -- If you're angry at how the media have behaved in this election, you have a lot of company.

It's not just that some newspapers and broadcast networks have largely abandoned any pretense of objectivity as they set out to elect one candidate and destroy the other. Publications that never endorse candidates are taking pride in the fact...Read more

We're All Victims Now

SAN DIEGO -- Why are Republicans so quick to play the victim?

One of the most appealing things about conservatism is the emphasis on being self-sufficient and taking responsibility for one's actions. The party of Ronald Reagan has never had much respect for those who blame others for their problems, make excuses for underperforming, or see ...Read more

Young Adults Should be Taught the Benefits of Looking Inward

SAN DIEGO -- It's not easy to make your way in life. Finding inspiration, discovering yourself and charting a unique course takes courage.

A lot of parents know that, and they want their kids to have an easier time on the road to self-discovery than they did.

If you have a teenager, he may be addicted to a screen, not good at listening and a ...Read more

The Candidates May Promise Jobs to Young Voters, But They'll Deliver Only Cynicism

SAN DIEGO -- Given the spiteful nature of the second presidential debate, you might be surprised to learn that there is one policy item on which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton actually seem to agree.

They both are pandering to young voters by essentially promising to create dream jobs -- that is, the kind of fulfilling and rewarding ...Read more

The Media Broke the Election

SAN DIEGO -- The media need to offer a mea culpa. On behalf of my colleagues, I'd like to apologize for breaking this election. Here's how we did it:

-- We became obsessed with Donald Trump. That was on display most recently in last week's vice-presidential debate, in which moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News fired off many more tough ...Read more

Latinos Learned a Hard Lesson

SAN DIEGO -- Given how intensely Latinos detest Donald Trump, many Democrats probably assumed that America's fastest-growing group of voters would flock to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton -- and by such margins that Democrats running for Congress could ride her coattails.

This is not happening. With just a few weeks until Election Day, ...Read more

Classism Joins Racism and Sexism in This Fetid Election

SAN DIEGO -- In an election already marred by racism and sexism, the first presidential debate brought to the surface another "-ism": classism.

During the debate, Hillary Clinton rattled Donald Trump by mentioning Alicia Machado. The former Miss Universe says that Trump, who owned the rights to the pageant, body-shamed her for gaining weight ...Read more

For Police Officers Today, 'Things Go Wrong Sometimes'

SAN DIEGO -- I recently asked a newly retired cop friend, who spent 25 years on the job, what's the one thing that policemen want people to know. He said: "That things go wrong sometimes."

Things went very wrong recently when 40-year-old Terence Crutcher -- an unarmed African-American and father of four -- was fatally shot by Tulsa police ...Read more

This Latino Radio Host is a Stereotype-Busting Powerhouse of the Airwaves

SAN DIEGO -- It's an argument you might have heard from nativist Republicans in the Southwest, as well as from union-friendly Democrats in the Rust Belt: "The Mexicans are coming to take your jobs!"

You had better believe it. I know a hardworking Mexican-American radio host in Texas who has taken three of them.

I don't always agree with Chris ...Read more

Clinton and Trump Both Have Contempt for the American Voter

SAN DIEGO -- Warning: As we enter the final innings of the presidential campaign, the matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be harmful to our mental health.

Speaking at Temple University this week, Clinton observed: "This election in particular can be downright depressing sometimes."

She's spot-on. But what's most depressing is ...Read more

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