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Trump's Evolving Immigration Plan is No 'Flip-Flop'

SAN DIEGO -- Did Donald Trump really just do a total flip-flop on immigration? No, I don't believe he did.

I think the elite media in New York and Washington are once again showing that they don't understand the immigration issue well enough to report on it honestly, clearly and comprehensively. This is a topic full of complexity and nuance, ...Read more

Trump 'Pivots' Further Toward Xenophobia

SAN DIEGO -- Is this the "pivot" by Donald Trump we've all been waiting for? It looks more like a giant step backward.

Instead of adopting a moderate position on immigration that could make the Republican presidential nominee more palatable to the mainstream -- which, polls indicate, doesn't favor mass deportations and supports earned legal ...Read more

Gabby Douglas' Critics Can Take a Flying Leap

SAN DIEGO -- If Gabby Douglas is feeling depressed and picked on, she can blame it on Rio.

In the London games of 2012, the U.S. Olympian was a celebrated gold-medal winner and the first African-American to win the individual all-around title in gymnastics. Later, Douglas' face landed on a cereal box and magazine covers. Her story was the ...Read more

Pick Your Poison This Dlection: Untruthful or Unstable

SAN DIEGO -- It's time for an intervention. Make that a pair of interventions. Friends don't let friends vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

As someone who supports neither of the above, I spend every day on the defensive.

I'm told that I'm being foolish and irresponsible, and that by not voting for the better candidate, I'm helping ...Read more

Why Voters Want 'None of the Above'

SAN DIEGO -- What's the matter with the major parties' presidential candidates?

No, seriously. I'm starting to think that these two aren't wired right. Either they don't have good advisers, or they're not listening to whatever advice they're getting. The mistakes they make are obvious, yet they can't stop making them. And neither candidate is ...Read more

Tim Kaine May Not Be Latinos' Best Amigo

SAN DIEGO -- As a Latino voter, I'm used to being told by cable news pundits and political analysts that I have the awesome power to decide presidential elections.

How cool. Of course, it's nonsense. I don't take any of it seriously because I know the truth: Latino voters have never been more powerless.

As evidence, consider the fact that ...Read more

Have We Lost Sight of an American Hero?

SAN DIEGO -- It's hard criticizing people you respect, and twice as hard if the criticism might be misinterpreted as defending someone you don't.

Since I'm "Never Trump," I'm free of the moral conflict of supporting a nominee who would stoop so low as to insult the parents of a dead soldier.

This sort of thing should disqualify someone from ...Read more

It's Time For a Woman to be President -- Just Not This Woman

SAN DIEGO -- The Democratic National Convention reminded me that I'm a sucker for "firsts." The first this, the first that. Broken barriers. Pioneers who take the arrows because they're brave enough to lead the way.

Let's hear it for the first Latino to break into the top tier of the Cabinet and serve as attorney general, Alberto Gonzales. Let'...Read more

Latinos Get Played Again by Democrats

SAN DIEGO -- With Democrats gathered in Philadelphia for their national convention, Latinos must accept the hard truth: The Democratic Party, for which they've done so much, has not done right by them.

In fact, Latinos are being humiliated by Democrats, who they assume are in their corner -- mostly because, when it comes to Latinos, Republicans...Read more

Ted Cruz, a Man of Principle

SAN DIEGO -- Don't get it twisted, Cruz haters. The Texas senator is a straight-up hero.

When Ted Cruz accepted the invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention, and then refused to endorse Donald Trump -- only going so far as to urge delegates to "vote your conscience" -- members of the Trump family and many pundits accused Cruz ...Read more

Pence's Perplexing Pivot to Trump

SAN DIEGO -- Say it isn't so, Mike.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has won "Vice President Apprentice" and earned the dubious distinction of serving alongside Donald Trump on the Republican presidential ticket.

I understand why Trump offered Pence the job; the Indiana governor is first-rate, well-liked and widely respected with a calm and reassuring ...Read more

Special Privileges for a Special Job

SAN DIEGO -- Dallas Police Chief David Brown spoke volumes when he said recently that Americans expect police officers to do too much, provide too many services and serve too many functions.

Yet the problem is bigger than that. Many people also have unrealistic expectations about what is required for police officers to do their jobs.

Take, for...Read more

Fury Over the Dallas Police Ambush is Fully Justified

SAN DIEGO -- Shortly after last week's ambush of police officers in Dallas, many of my followers on social media were imploring me to control my rage.

But, as the son of a cop who spent 37 years on the job, I pushed back and asserted my right to be furious.

After all, I'm no Bobby Kennedy. During an appearance this week on MSNBC's "Morning Joe...Read more

Our Dual-Track System of Justice

SAN DIEGO -- One of Donald Trump's favorite words is "rigged." From trade deals to the GOP nominating process, everything is rigged.

And the presumptive Republican presidential nominee got the chance to use the "r-word" liberally last week when FBI Director James Comey put on a bipolar press briefing about the investigation into Hillary Clinton...Read more

The FBI Sees Clinton Through the Looking-Glass

SAN DIEGO -- Likely speaking for millions of Americans, Mitt Romney said recently that he won't vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

"It's a matter of personal conscience," Romney told CBS News' John Dickerson. "I can't vote for either of those two people."

I'm with Mitt. The two major political parties have failed America by not ...Read more

Obama's Shameless Legacy On Immigration

SAN DIEGO -- With just six and a half months left in office, it's time to think about what President Obama's legacy will look like on one of his most difficult subjects: immigration.

What will history say about Obama's skill at the juggling act that will confront every U.S. president in the 21st century -- securing our borders, providing a ...Read more

Being Rejected by a School Does Not Make You a Victim

SAN DIEGO -- Long before the phrase "white privilege" crept into the national lexicon, my parents raised me to believe that -- as a Mexican-American -- I had to be twice as smart, and work twice as hard, just to be considered on par with white counterparts. This is standard operating procedure for Latino and African-American parents.

Graduating...Read more

The Menacing Rise of the 100 Percenters

SAN DIEGO -- The real threat to America is the 100 percenters.

They derail every public debate and send it careening into the ditch. They're the reason we never move a centimeter on the tough issues that require our lawmakers to show guts and character. These extremists and absolutists don't budge, negotiate or give into common sense.

You'll ...Read more

In Orlando, The Elusive Source of the Hate

SAN DIEGO -- Welcome to the new gun debate. If liberals aren't careful, they could wake up one day to discover that the profile of U.S. gun owners has changed so dramatically that a group they've always tried to vilify looks an awful lot like groups to which they've always pandered.

A few days ago, I heard a self-identified gay man -- who was ...Read more

The Wisdom of a Father Who Has Suffered

SAN DIEGO -- Wisdom is born of suffering. It comes from what the Greek playwright Aeschylus called "pain that cannot forget," the trials that transform wretched souls into better people "through the awful grace of God."

There is nothing more awful, more cruel or more unnatural than a parent burying a son or daughter. It's a wound that never ...Read more


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