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On Immigration, Rand Paul Speaks in Circles

SAN DIEGO -- Now that he is running for president, Rand Paul will be traveling all over the country. And when talking about "amnesty" for illegal immigrants, he's already all over the map.

For one thing, it seems that Paul -- who has repeatedly declared his support for immigration reform and allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the ...Read more

Rubio Knows the Point of America

SAN DIEGO -- Like any presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida has strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes they overlap. For instance, the 43-year-old is a gifted communicator, whether he is dissecting policy or telling stories. But he can also talk in circles, as when he tries to explain how he came to oppose his own immigration bill or...Read more

Let's Parent!

SAN DIEGO -- Michelle Obama is a good mother. When raising her daughters, 13-year-old Sasha and 16-year-old Malia, the first lady means business. She takes the job very seriously. Even when the girls were younger, she didn't pass off her parental duty to nannies or baby sitters.

Obama could teach the country a thing or two about raising kids. ...Read more

The Mex-churian Candidate?

SAN DIEGO -- What's Spanish for "oops"?

As an assimilated Mexican-American, I have no idea. But I bet Jeb Bush does since his Spanish is much better than mine.

The former Florida governor went to Twitter this week to claim that he simply made a mistake when he filled in the bubble and identified himself as "Hispanic" on a 2009 Miami-Dade ...Read more

California Water Crisis is Real

SAN DIEGO -- In the Bible, Jesus turns water into wine. But in California, there are those who would take that miracle in the other direction.

The Golden State needs water, and lots of it. The place has been parched for the past four years as it suffers through a record drought -- the worst one since California started keeping records 120 ...Read more

Don't Dare Take Ted Cruz Lightly

SAN DIEGO -- Does the world of commentary really need another column bashing Ted Cruz for having the audacity to hope that he could be president?

I'll pass. As you may have noticed, the mainstream media are like birds on a wire. Reporters, pundits, and producers -- especially those in Washington and New York -- tend to cover the same stories, ...Read more

Let's Not Enable Bad Parenting

SAN DIEGO -- America, we have a problem. We already knew that a lot of people were flunking Parenthood 101.

But a racist video of students at the University of Oklahoma shows that the problem extends to people in society who are willing to excuse those who are failing the course.

Welcome to the new social order, where kids call the shots and ...Read more

White House Hypocrisy on Israel

SAN DIEGO -- President Obama has no shortage of chutzpah. His message to Benjamin Netanyahu: Do as I say, not as I have done.

The White House is furious with the Israeli prime minister because some of the same Democratic operatives who helped get Obama elected were unsuccessful in trying to defeat Netanyahu in the recent Israeli election.

...Read more

Bibi Stooped Low to Come Out on Top

SAN DIEGO -- Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the world that even a good leader can sometimes do a bad thing. And when you're the prime minister of Israel, one of the worst things you can ever do is play the "Arab card."

Watching elected officials promote division is never easy. But, in this case, the process was heart-wrenching for ...Read more

Depicting Latinos as Peppers is Not Worth the Pop

SAN DIEGO -- The latest controversy to spice up America's culture wars involves a magazine cover, chili peppers and a dash of overreaction.

To add flavor to the discussion, let me say upfront that it was a mistake for the London-based magazine, The Economist, to showcase a story about the Latino population in the United States using the image ...Read more

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