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Butternut Squash Breakfast Casserole

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The Vegetable that Tastes Like Candy

Talk about a maligned and shunned vegetable! I’ve been walking by this golden beauty in my grocery store for decades. I thought they just looked like massively large peanuts.

We ate acorn squash in my family. We didn’t venture past the big green acorn to try out other options. I’ve totally ...Read more

Grilling veggies for your Labor Day cookout

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According to the calendar, summer's official end is still about three weeks away. The unofficial last weekend of summer, though, comes with Labor Day, which always seems to feature the season's final big cookout.

Enthusiastic outdoor cooks usually pay lots of attention to the main courses for Labor Day. In my ...Read more

Grilling Season Bon Voyage

For most of America, the summer grilling season ends Labor Day weekend. So with the aroma of barbecued meats and fish in mind, a few wine suggestions for America's grill meisters would seem to be in order.

During a trial run last weekend, I grilled up leg of lamb, salmon and sweet and savory sausage for about 20 guests on a warm summer ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Celebrate cruciferous vegetables

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Environmental Nutrition

There's a reason you feel that tingle on your tongue when you bite into a raw kale salad or a crisp fresh radish: Both kale and radishes are cruciferous vegetables and sources of sulfur - containing compounds called glucosinolates, which are responsible for imparting a...Read more

Seriously Simple: Start the Jewish New Year off right

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Growing up, my mom served a large lunch that included simple roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes. It's one of those taste memories that makes everything seem OK. While I loved that simple dish, I have elevated it with capers, olives and dried fruit to now become our family tradition. Know that this dish will fit in for any dinner party or ...Read more

EatingWell: Southwestern Steak Salad

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This steak salad recipe is packed with fresh summer corn, ripe tomatoes and silky avocado. It might be hard to imagine that this healthy dinner can be whipped up so quickly, but the secret is in the timing. While the steak is cooking under the broiler, you'll have plenty of time to whisk together the lightened-up creamy chipotle dressing and ...Read more

One for the Table: Savory pork with grilled fruit a peachy combination

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I have always associated peaches with July and August. That is until a few years ago when I discovered the most succulent peaches I ever tasted -- in September.

Peach season in California is long and abundant; it runs from May to October and peaks from July through September. In ...Read more

The Kitchn: Quick-pickled pepper relish spices up grilled dishes

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No time to pick a peck of pickled peppers? Stir up a batch of quick stovetop relish for a fancy little cookout condiment. It goes just as well with virtuous grilled fish, charred eggplant or sizzling squash as it does with brats, burgers and dogs.

Two kinds of vinegar might seem excessive, ...Read more

The Kitchn: Make a better burger with chicken and guacamole

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This is unimaginably better than a burger. In this love child of a burger and guacamole, the guac is mixed right in with the ground chicken, making its presence felt in every bite.

Serve the burgers with shredded lettuce, for a little crunch, a thin slice of ripe summer tomato and a little ...Read more

Pork Loin Chops with a Sizzlin' Cherry Sauce

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My Summer Vacation

It’s located in the woods, on 20 acres with a pond. An idyllic setting. Gardens all around. Walking paths and places to just sit and take in the view. There are bird feeders filled to the brim. About a hundred goldfinches arrive daily to take in the bounty. You can just sit and listen to lots of other birds or even ...Read more

Wine, snacks pairings for a sizzling Labor Day

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Labor Day approaches -- the third-biggest grilling day of the year. Seventy percent of us say we will cook outside, behind only birthdays (72 percent) and the Fourth of July (83 percent).

Men will make up three-quarters of the grillers, according to the Weber grill people. We will stand on the back porch in 90-degree temperatures, wielding the ...Read more

Corn on the cob with Peruvian-style vinaigrette takes Latin American street food to new level

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Executive chef David Sears of SushiSamba in Coral Gables, Fla., shares his recipe with Cook's Corner for corn on the cob with a Peruvian-style, chile-flavored vinaigrette. It takes the more familiar Latin American street food to a whole new level. At the restaurant, Sears prepares the corn on a robata, which is a traditional Japanese barbecue ...Read more

Shelf Life: Three ways to ease summer cooking: one-pan pasta, bacon spread, 5-ingredient meals

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Why wait for pots of water to boil when cooking pasta or struggle with straining spaghetti? The Italian pasta-makers at Barilla have solved those issues with their Pronto line. Put pasta in a 12-inch skillet, cover with cold water, then cook on high about 10 minutes. Stir in a favorite sauce and cook a few minutes longer (if ...Read more

Recipe Finder: Tuna burgers

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RJ Teich of Westminster, Md., was looking for a recipe for grilled tuna burgers. He said that Wegmans supermarket sometimes sells them in their fresh seafood section, usually during grilling season, but they are not always available and he is "addicted." Teich is a big fan of seafood and much prefers a tuna burger to the more ubiquitous salmon ...Read more

Pork sandwich the center piece of simple supper

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A thick and juicy barbecued pork sandwich served with three-bean salad makes an easy, nutritious dinner. In this quick version, the pork is sauteed, not grilled, and then served with a barbecue sauce. The secret is to cut the meat in very thin slices so that it absorbs the sauce.

Any type of roll can be used for the sandwich. I prefer Kaiser ...Read more

Tidbits: Kellogg's Origins, Chex Clusters

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Several new cereal products from Kellogg's share the name Kellogg's Origins. There are two cold breakfast cereals, two kinds of granola and two kinds of muesli.

For at least one of the cereals, Ancient Grains Blend, the name Origins seems like a natural fit. The box front describes it as "crunchy flakes of wheat, brown rice ...Read more

Carrots Are Sweet Treats in More than Cakes

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The next time you are in the mood for dessert, consider sauteing that bunch of carrots in your vegetable bin in butter and then giving them a long, luxurious hot bath in coconut milk. The silky result, when crowned with spices, golden raisins and crushed pistachios, is a rich pudding that just may make you forget there is any dessert ...Read more

Sweet cherry tomatoes accent classic focaccia

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When sun-ripened tomato season is at its peak, I love to feature the juicy, savory, tart-sweet vegetable-fruits in so many dishes. Even in summer, however, you may want tomatoes to become an accent to a dish rather than its main attraction. Yes, every bite delivers the distilled essence of sunshine and warmth. But there will be times when you ...Read more

Wine Country Travel

Once an esoteric pursuit embraced only by dedicated oenophiles, wine country travels in recent years have become the passion of millions of Americans drawn by the beauty and romance of vineyard lands and the people behind the wines they love.

"Where do you like to stay?" is second only to "what's your favorite wine?" when I am asked about my ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Make it (healthy) iced tea time

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Environmental Nutrition

After water, tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. Aside from pure enjoyment, drinking tea is linked with several health benefits. Here in America, 85 percent of that tea is iced; fortunately, the icy drink offers most of the same benefits as the ...Read more