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8 crisp, lean Italian white wines to try

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Italy is most famous for its red wines -- Chianti, Barolo, amarone, valpolicella, it goes on. But it also produces some pleasing white wines that are less-known but very much worth trying. They're often lean and crisp, with lots of fruit flavors and hints of minerals.

Italian whites go well with shellfish, finfish, light chicken and turkey ...Read more

Wine names may be misleading (but with good blends, it's a good thing)

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What's in a name? If a wine calls itself sauvignon blanc, must it have only juice from those grapes in its bottle? It might be a surprise that the answer is "no."

In California, a wine need have only 75 percent of its juice from a grape to use its name, under federal rules. So a California chard might have up to 25 percent other grapes in it.

...Read more

In once Soviet Georgia, an 8,000-year-old wine tradition returns

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TBILISI, Georgia -- In the ancient wine country of eastern Georgia, Remi Kbilashvili spends three months painstakingly stacking coils of clay to create a massive red, egg-shaped vat, just as his ancestors did thousands of years ago.

The vessel, known as a qvevri, will hold 500 gallons of wine once it is fired in a wood-burning brick kiln for a ...Read more

Malbec 'user-friendly' (in a good way); try these 11

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It may seem a little mean to call a wine "user-friendly." But I mean it in a good way. An excellent way, in fact. I'm talking about malbec, a red wine with no hard edges, no searing acids or harsh tannins. I often compare its flavor to those chocolate-cherry bonbons in the crinkly brown wrappers.

It's a great wine to sip by itself, and its ...Read more

Torrent├ęs a floral Argentinian treat (plus 7 to try)

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Sometimes it's easier to order wine simply by its number on the list. That way you won't mispronounce it. And your waiter probably doesn't know how to say it either.

But we wine wonks don't take the easy way, do we? We go for the gusto, even if we're not sure how "gusto" is pronounced.

The wine in question here is torrontes. It's possibly the ...Read more

For the sultry days of summer, savor sauvignon blanc

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Crisp, cool, light, lively, tart. Sounds like a pretty good wine for the sultry days of summer.

That would be sauvignon blanc.

Fans of this grape say that while it doesn't always have the opulence of chardonnay, it goes better with food for that very reason.

Chardonnay can overpower lighter foods. Sauvignon blanc is a more pleasing match for ...Read more

9 zinfandels to celebrate the Fourth of July

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Good old American red zinfandel may be the finest wine to go with Fourth of July barbecues, deftly handling everything from charcoaled steaks to baby back ribs to barbecued chicken.

Zinfandel is warm and hearty, with jammy flavors of cherries, blackberries and raspberries. It's spicy, with black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Some say it even a ...Read more

10 red wines for Father's Day

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"What do women want?" is an age-old question that may never be satisfactorily answered. "What do men want," on the other hand, is easy.

On Father's Day, we want red meat and red wine. Don't buy us neckties in the middle of the summer (if ever). And you should probably wait for our birthdays for that Lamborghini you've been eying.

This week, ...Read more

Miami importer, distributor brings 'New Spain' wines to US

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You might say the midlife crisis of a Hispanic marketing and advertising executive brought a new category of wine to South Florida and a growing list of areas around the country.

"I was getting close to 50, and I was an empty-nester, and my wife and I wanted to do something more purposeful and nostalgic," says Martin Cerda, now 51.

Today, from...Read more

The perfect wines for summer picnics

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Singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney says it nicely: "It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!"

Memorial Day is a memory, school is out, days are long and warm -- it's time for the unserious but tasty wines of picnics. You could go until Labor Day without spending more than $20 on a bottle of wine. With all the nice ...Read more

Get to know versatile white wine soave with these 6 to try

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To most Americans, Italy's best-known white wine probably is pinot grigio, the light, crisp, mineral-scented wine we find reasonably priced on restaurant wine lists.

To Italians, a better-known local white wine is soave, also light and crisp, maybe a little fruitier than pinot grigio.

Americans should get more familiar with it.

Soave wines ...Read more

With west coast water shortage, now's the time to stock up on European wines

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When it comes to imports, we American wine lovers are getting picky. We're passing on foreign wines priced $20 and below but buying more imported wines priced higher.

Experts say it shows affluent wine buyers have fully recovered from the 2008 economic downturn and are ready to indulge themselves in better wines.

Imported wines priced $20 and ...Read more

Uncorked: Great wines for less than $15

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For a St. John, I love Passover each year. I go back to my hometown of Denver and attend a couple of Seder meals at homes of Jewish friends.

But the kicker is that they ask me to conduct a tasting of kosher wines during the Haggada, the hours-long text that sets forth the order of the Seder -- and during which each participant is obliged to sip...Read more

New wines can be found with help of merchant

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I always say I'd rather try a wine that's new to me -- even if I end up not liking it -- than open yet another bottle of the same stuff I had last Thursday.

A great part of the joy of wine is trying new ones. And experts say there are more than 10,000 grape varieties in the world, so I have my work cut out for me.

I invite you to join this ...Read more

Syrah grapes make hearty wines

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I like syrah a lot. The grape is not afraid to go it alone, making a wine that's dark as ink, full-bodied, with big, ripe tannins and flavors of blueberries, mulberries and black pepper.

Syrah reaches its peak in France's cool Northern Rhone region, producing some of the country's most august, powerful wines all by itself. These are wines of ...Read more

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