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Red wines are hearty, but try these white wines this winter

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About this time of year wine writers send out their yearly columns on how it's time to put away the white wines and cuddle up to hearty reds for the coming cold weather.

So just to be contrary, I'm trotting out my "white wines for winter" column.

Now, I love red wines. And I drink them. All year, actually, even in August -- in my air-...Read more

The strict rules behind Bordeaux wines

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Bordeaux is the most famous wine in the world.

Thomas Jefferson wrote enthusiastically about his five-day tour of the Bordeaux region southwest of Paris in 1787, even if he didn't always spell the wine's names correctly. When Richard Nixon entertained Congress members aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia, he was known to serve his guests a ...Read more

Expand your wine palate with these 7 selections

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Here I am again inviting you to join me in expanding our wine palates. Experts say there are 10,000 grape varieties and 3,000 commercial wines in the world. So we'll have to hurry to taste them all.

Now, a mainline wine such as chardonnay is fine. Great, in fact. But it's too popular, to the point that there's a countermovement called ABC, for ...Read more

Broke your New Year's resolutions? Try these wine pairings for rich foods

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It's almost October, so you've probably broken your 2016 New Year's resolutions by now. I know I have. In fact, a University of Scranton survey found that 29 percent of people broke their vows within two weeks, 36 percent within a month and 52 percent -- a mournful majority -- were back in their bad old ways by July.

And by the time we make ...Read more

Perfect wines for coach potatoes

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About this time most years I write a rousing column about football stadium tailgate parties and the hearty wines that go with them.

But it occurs to me that not every fan is prepared to fight the traffic to the stadium, pay $50 for parking and $100-plus for a nosebleed, upper-deck, end-zone, restricted-view seat.

Some might prefer the comfort ...Read more

Wines for Labor Day grilling

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C'mon baby, light your fire. Labor Day, coming Monday, is tied with Memorial Day as the second most popular holiday for grilling. Sixty-two percent of Americans will grill out, according to a survey by the trade group Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

The two holidays neatly bookend the summer grilling season, with the Fourth of July in ...Read more

Why is chardonnay so popular? Try these 11 to find out

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Chardonnay is the most popular wine in America. It's 20 percent of all the wine we buy in shops and supermarkets, according to a Nielsen survey.

It's that popular because it can be all things to all people, from lean and crisp, scented with green apples and minerals to lush, buttery, oaky wines that taste like tropical fruit.

Why do different ...Read more

Tips to find an inexpensive house wine of your own

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It's Tuesday night again and you're having spaghetti and meatballs again because it's cheap, and you spent too much last Saturday night at that fancy restaurant.

What kind of wine goes with that? Especially since that Saturday night bill was inflated quite a bit by that fancy French Burgundy you had with dinner?

You need a Tuesday night wine. ...Read more

Can't splurge on a good bottle of wine? Share it with friends

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In my early days of tasting wine I couldn't afford the really good stuff. So my wife and I recruited two other couples and formed a little hedonism club.

We held dinners. The host couple would do the entree and a side, and the other couples would make the appetizer, salad, dessert and such.

And we six shared the cost of a really good bottle of...Read more

Beat the heat with these low-alcohol wines

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Why do they call it the "dog days of summer" anyway? I can't imagine dogs liking this heat and humidity any more than we do.

Turns out there's a stunningly obscure and irrelevant explanation that has nothing to do with overheated pooches. To ancient Romans, these days mark the time of year when Sirius, the "Dog Star," is the brightest star in ...Read more


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