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Try rosé this Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is Sunday, Feb. 15, so it seems appropriate for my annual appeal for wine lovers to drop their outmoded reluctance and drink rose wine.

For starters, it's delicious. The 1970s era when white zinfandel was born as an often sugary, low-alcohol soda pop of a wine are long behind us.

Today it comes in a wide range of styles -- from...Read more

9 wines for the big game

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Aren't you glad you're not going to the Super Bowl? Paying an average of more than $5,000 a seat? And another $80 for a parking space at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. -- where they still won't let you celebrate the patriotic American tradition of tailgating? Oh, you can bring your own food if you want, but grills and party tents are ...Read more

Barolo and Barbaresco: Wine tales of two cities

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You're a wine lover, right? Good. Now picture yourself living in Italy's northern Piedmont region, in the hamlet of Barolo, population 750, or Barbaresco, population 650. The towns are only 10 miles apart, both about 30 miles from the metropolis of Turin, with its auto industry and its glittery international fashion shows.

You wake up in the ...Read more

10 wines to warm up with

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Brrrr! We're in the coldest month of the year. From sea to chilly sea, January brings the lowest highs, the lowest lows.

In South Florida the average high is 73; the average low 61.

Across the northern tier of states the high is 31; the low is 18.

In California it's 54 and 39.

Back in October, as coolness approached, we spoke of comfort ...Read more

Vary your varietals: Try these 8 in 2016

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My new year's resolution for 2016 is the same as for every year -- to drink more wine.

Not more volume, I hasten to add. More variety.

The world has more than 10,000 grape varieties, experts say, with 1,300 used in commercial wine production.

So many wines, so little time.

And to me, one of hedonism's greatest pleasures is to find a new wine...Read more

Wine trends to watch in 2016

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What's trending in wine as 2016 arrives:

Here's a surprise: Americans' wine drinking is in a bit of a slump. It increased last year for the 22nd year in a row -- but only by 0.2 percent.

Still, we're not drinking less. We're branching into other beverages. Most of the rise was in trendy sparkling wines such as prosecco. Consumption of other ...Read more

Tasker's 10 favorite wines of 2015

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It's been a good year for wine, around the world. I've described in this space something like 10 wines a week, or more than 500 wines. Lost wines rediscovered. Obscure wines gaining fame. Rick, heady red wines. Delicate, subtle whites.

After this it's hard to narrow them down to the best 10 wines I've tasted in 2015. On the other hand, the ...Read more

The perfect champagnes to ring in 2016

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The countdown ends. Toy horns blare. Revelers kiss. The glass they lift at midnight is filled with ...

Bubbly. Of course. The wine of celebration.

It makes you happy. Oblivious for a few minutes of life's cares and woes.

Champagne, like many of life's good things, was invented by mistake. It was Aug. 4, 1693, at a Benedictine abbey northwest ...Read more

Bring out the best wines for Christmas dinner

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For Tiny Tim it was the fatted goose.

For America's Italians it could be the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve.

For South Florida's Cubans it might be lechon asado, or roast pig.

For the area's Haitians, a likely entree might be roast goat.

For others it could be roast beef, pork loin, spiral-cut ham, roast lamb, roast ...Read more

Port is a powerful, sweet wine perfect for the season

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"The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful."

So goes the song. And you can picture yourself in a comfy armchair beside that fire, glass of port in hand, plate of Stilton cheese, toasted nuts and dried fruit on the stand beside you.

The combination is so perfect that, when I lived in South Florida, I would turn the air ...Read more

7 gifts for your favorite drinks fan

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Wondering about holiday gifts for your favorite drinks fan? Here's a list of things he or she probably doesn't have already. Keep in mind that I haven't tried them, but they seem pretty clever.


Guys (well, girls too, if it applies), don't you just hate it when you take a big gulp of beer and fill your mustache with foam, ...Read more

Make spirits bright with these 5 cocktail, wine-themed books

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Every year about this time I write a column of mini-reviews of wine and spirits books as suggestions for holiday giving. I've come across some good ones this year. So let's get right to it.

-- "Wines of South America: The Essential Guide" by Evan Goldstein (University of California Press, 2014, $30 hardcover). Sure, we know that Chile and ...Read more

Be thankful for these 11 wines

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

You owe no greeting cards, no gifts. You're not particularly expected in church, synagogue, mosque, lodge hall, etc.

You can stuff yourself silly, drink too much wine, then pass out in front of the TV, opening an occasional eye to check the score.

By the time you ...Read more


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