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Pasta meal offers a taste of Sicily

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The vibrant flavors of Sicily, tomatoes, pasta and garlic inspired this quick and easy dinner.

Perciatelli -- a long, hollow pasta -- adds texture and flavor.

Serve with a washed, ready-to-eat Italian-style salad. Warm Italian bread and a glass of red wine- pinot noir or merlot are good; choices -- will enhance the flavors of Sicily in this ...Read more

A snappy Greek-style snapper

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Sweet, fresh snapper needs very little cooking -- only about eight minutes under the broiler. Tangy pimentos and capers enhance the natural flavor of the fish, and a simple Greek-style salad with warm whole-meal baguette complete the meal.

Readers have asked the best way to freeze and defrost fish. Buy the freshest fish you can find and wrap it...Read more

Spices jump to life in quick Moroccan lamb dish

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Lamb mixed with cinnamon, cumin and turmeric make a savory Moroccan dish.

Turmeric adds color and an earthy flavor to this dish. It's the orange-yellow spice you may know from curry dishes and is a new health-food darling. At this summer's Fancy Food Show in New York, I found the warming, slightly bitter spice infused in everything from teas ...Read more

Pork sandwich the center piece of simple supper

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A thick and juicy barbecued pork sandwich served with three-bean salad makes an easy, nutritious dinner. In this quick version, the pork is sauteed, not grilled, and then served with a barbecue sauce. The secret is to cut the meat in very thin slices so that it absorbs the sauce.

Any type of roll can be used for the sandwich. I prefer Kaiser ...Read more

Poached chicken makes a juicy salad

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A colorful salad featuring deliciously moist, flavorful chicken is a cool treat for a warm August evening. The secret to this dish is poaching the chicken and letting it cool slightly in the poaching liquid. The meat remains moist and firm.

This dinner is served on a large platter with the lettuce leaves as a bed for the chicken and the black ...Read more

Fast and easy salad recipe celebrates National Peach Month

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It's a treat when ripe, juicy peaches are in season. August is National Peach Month.

In this salad, peaches provide a contrasting sweet flavor to a tangy dressing. Cooked chicken, red bell pepper and almonds complete this summer supper.

How to pick a ripe one:

-- Peaches should give slightly to palm pressure.

-- Avoid ones with any very soft...Read more

Mussels and oh-so-French fast food

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Moules a la Mariniere -- mussels in white wine -- brings memories of seaside dining in France, watching the fishing boats come in, breathing the fresh sea air, and drinking a chilled glass of white wine. What a treat!

Figure about 2 pounds mussels per person. Store them in the refrigerator, and rinse with cold water before using, scraping off ...Read more

Chicken subs for veal in variation on Italian classic

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This is an easy, scaled-down version of the traditional Italian recipe, Vitello Tonnato (Veal in Tuna Sauce), using sauteed chicken instead of veal. It is a perfect dish to serve hot or cold.

The accompanying mayonnaise sauce has tangy flavors of capers, anchovies and tuna. The original recipe calls for fresh mayonnaise, which takes time and ...Read more

Shrimp and yellow tomato gazpacho is the way to go

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Sweet yellow tomatoes, shrimp, cucumbers and onion combine in this soothing gazpacho.

The cool soup is refreshing and makes a perfect dinner for a hot summer evening. Adding precooked shrimp creates a complete one-dish meal that requires no cooking.

Yellow tomatoes have lower acid content than red varieties, making their flavor sweeter.

...Read more

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