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Try this trendy meal in a bowl

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It's a meal in a bowl and it's not breakfast. It's the latest trend and offered at many restaurants. This dinner in a bowl is easy, healthy and quick to make. This one features avocado, black beans, corn, tomato and brown rice.

Avocado lends a nutty flavor. Look for an avocado that gives slightly to pressure. To ripen an avocado, place it in a ...Read more

Wild salmon dish is a special treat

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Wild salmon is so flavorful, it only needs a little olive oil and salt and pepper. The delicate flavor and texture of wild salmon is a very special treat and the season is mid-May until mid-September. King Salmon (also called Chinook), coho and sockeye are some of the wild salmon varieties to look for.

Fred Tasker's wine suggestions: This is ...Read more

Macaroni Pie features rich, delicious cheeses

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Bajans love macaroni pie, but their own special type. While on a trip to sunny, tropical Barbados, I was surprised to hear islanders talk about macaroni pie. Said one islander: "I love macaroni pie so much that last Christmas we had a contest on our street to see who could make the best one." Another talked about her mom's version: "rich and ...Read more

No cooking needed for this special Mother's Day salad

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Make this quick Nicoise Salad for Mom on her day and enjoy a family meal at home. Typical ingredients are tuna, green beans, olives and tomatoes. The salad is made with bought roasted chicken breast instead of tuna -- no cooking needed. Canned potatoes also simplify the preparation. The green beans cook in the microwave. The microwave bowls can ...Read more

Basil Shrimp Pasta a colorful dish

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Orange peel adds intriguing flavor to this shrimp and tomato pasta dish. Fresh basil and Parmesan cheese add additional flavor. This colorful dish is served over a bed of rotelli (corkscrew pasta.) The shrimp cook quickly in the tomato and orange sauce.

A salad with cannellini beans -- large white Italian kidney beans -- completes the meal.

...Read more

Spicy beef meal a delicious mix of Pacific flavors

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This dinner is a tasty mixture of Pacific rim flavors. Lemon grass is the secret to the flavors in Hot and Spicy Beef. It adds a tang like that of lemon or lime and is one of the most important spices used in Thai cooking. It looks a little like a scallion with long, thin, green-gray leaves and a lighter bulb at the tip. Grated lemon rind can be...Read more

Enjoy this savory burger all summer long

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Enjoy this Patty Melt, a different-style burger for a holiday weekend or for anytime. It's a thin burger, smothered with caramelized onions, topped with melted cheese and served on rye bread.

It takes a while to caramelize the onions. I speed it up by starting them in the microwave first, and then they only need about 10 minutes in a skillet.

...Read more

Juicy pork, mushroom supper easy to make

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Pork tenderloin remains juicy and tender in this quick and easy one-pot meal. Using both frozen chopped onions and green bell peppers cuts down on preparation time. Smoked paprika gives a smoked flavor to the dish. It can be found in the spice section of the supermarket. Ground chipotle pepper will also give a smoked flavor.

Fred Tasker's wine ...Read more

Chicken Anticuchos is a delicious taste of Peru

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Chicken marinated in yellow hot pepper sauce (aji amarillo) with added spices and then quickly grilled on skewers is a taste of Peru that you can make in minutes. The sauce gives a sweet and hot pepper flavor to the dish. I was delighted to find it in a jar at the supermarket and created this simple dish. It captures the flavors of Peru, without...Read more

Juicy tuna kabobs with crunchy coating great for a quick indoor grilled dinner

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Juicy cubes of tuna with a crunchy coating of chopped walnuts are cooked on skewers accompanied by thick rings of zucchini and plump, ripe grape tomatoes. Brown rice with chopped green peppers and onions makes a quick side dish.

To help the cubes of meat and vegetables cook evenly the skewers, I place the tuna on one kabob and the vegetables on...Read more

Versatile spiced lamb dish a juicy weeknight meal, Easter dish

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A steak cut from the leg of lamb is tender and juicy and cooks in minutes. The spiced coating makes this dish special with little effort. It's great for a weeknight dinner or exciting enough for Easter weekend. If the lamb steak is not in the meat case, ask for 2 steaks about 1/2 to 3/4-inch-thick cut from the leg. It is cut right through the ...Read more

Whiskey glaze gives punch to salmon

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With thoughts of St. Patrick's Day, try this whiskey glaze on salmon. It adds a little kick to the dish. There are two spellings of whiskey or whisky. Whiskey spelled with an "e" is the common spelling in Ireland. It's generally aged in white oak, giving it a slight smoky flavor.

To save prep time, look for fresh green beans trimmed and ready ...Read more

Turkey meatballs, lentils make quick, low-fat meal

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Here is a low-budget, healthy dinner. Ground white-meat turkey, well-seasoned and served in a light tomato sauce, makes a delicious complement for spicy lentils. Be sure the package says white meat turkey only. It's available in most markets.

Canned lentils are used in the side dish. Look for canned lentils with no added salt.

Serve this quick...Read more


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