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May I Sing the Housing Subdivision Blues?

Danny Tyree on

Ours is not the only part of the county experiencing a flood of home construction. People from every corner are gobsmacked by the situation and ask some variation of “If we suddenly need all these houses, where the (bleep) are the people living NOW?”

Good question. Maybe there are citizens far to the north hearing the Siren call and rationalizing, “Yes, they’ll be cookie-cutter homes, but they’ll be cookie-cutter homes that will provide AIR CONDITIONING BILLS out the wazoo.”

Or, most likely, we will see pasty-skinned adult children emerging from their parents’ basements in search of a home of their own. (“The man at the hardware store called this a ‘leaf blower’ - but it would be so cool to use against Orcs and trolls!”)

I’ll not stand in the way of Progress. Even if rising home values supersize my tax bill.

“Well, old man, as long as you’re living in MY COUNTY, you’re not going out with money left in your pockets!”




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