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Trump will live on to haunt the Democratic party

Michael Reagan on

It’s crazy political times like these that I long for how quickly, simply and peacefully the 1980 presidential election ended.

That was the year President Jimmy Carter called my father at 5 in the afternoon of Election Day – while he was in the shower – and congratulated him on winning the presidency.

Votes were still being counted and probably half the country hadn’t voted yet, but by early evening Carter already knew he was being swept out of office by the Ronald Reagan landslide.

On Tuesday, Democrats were expecting to see a repeat of 1980.

They thought President Trump would be so far behind by dinner time that he’d have to call Joe Biden and concede.

For months they and the country’s inept pollsters, blind pundits and dishonest journalists had convinced themselves that a mighty Blue Wave was coming.


A Biden Blowout was going to sweep away Donald Trump, half a dozen senators like Lindsay Graham and dozens of Republican House members and put Democrats in charge of both houses of Congress and the White House.

But their Great Blue Wave turned out to be a Blue Mirage.

It looks like after a few weeks of legal challenges and a recount or two, Joe Biden is going to win, which would be a huge and impressive victory for the Democrats.

But otherwise, Election 2020 has been a political disaster for their party.


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