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Trump tamed is Trump triumphant

Michael Reagan on

Listen before you speak.

My mother Jane Wyman taught me that sensible lesson a long, long time ago.

And based on his fine performance at the second presidential debate on Thursday night, it looks like Donald Trump has finally learned that important lesson, too.

The president proved he could listen to what Joe Biden said and then carefully respond to what he heard instead of instantly reacting and interrupting or talking over Biden.

Of course, the president was forced to behave in part because the debate commission added a mute button that allowed each candidate to have two minutes of uninterrupted time to answer the opening question of each topic.

The mute button acted like an electric dog training collar. It didn’t have to be used, and it was invisible, but, ironically, it turned out to be a great blessing for Trump.


It kept him under control and helped to keep him from hurting himself by repeating his overly aggressive tone and off-putting performance in the first debate.

Like most of the professional pundits on FOX and CNN, I think the debate itself was a draw.

But I gave the president the overall win for one big reason: After this debate you didn’t walk away thinking he was a complete jerk.

As I told my son Cameron, if the president had behaved like he did Thursday night for the last 3,B= years, the polls would be 60-40 in Trump’s favor and the election would be over right now.


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