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Leave Vaccination Programs to the Real Experts

John Stossel on

The vaccine rollout crawls forward. Most of us will spend weeks, or months, waiting.

Great Britain did better. As of today, one-third of the English are already vaccinated, twice as many as in America.


A big reason is that our government decided to rigidly follow its regimen for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines: two doses, about a month apart.

But why insist on two doses?

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are about 90% effective after one dose, according to clinical trial data.


British officials sensibly decided to give people one dose, before insisting that everyone get a second dose. It worked. Once people got a first dose, the coronavirus cases began to level off. Although COVID-19 was worse than Great Britain than in America, British cases have now dropped below America's.

George Mason University economist Alex Tabarrok helped convince British health officials to try the "first-dose-first" approach. But he couldn't convince American officials.

"We have given out more than 20 million second doses," Tabarrok complains in my new video. "Those could have been first doses!"

Had they been, 50% more Americans would have received a vaccine by now.


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