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I am the victim of a left-wing smear, and it cannot be undone

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First, has Newsweek disciplined Fearnow in any way? (I never heard from Fearnow.)

Second, and more important, the original lie about me has taken on a life of its own. It was conveyed on numerous left-wing sites.

Wonkette, under the sarcastic headline "Dennis Prager Will Not Be Bullied by Anne Frank," wrote a deceit-filled article about my comments about Anne Frank. At this writing, the column is followed by 654 reader comments -- virtually every one of them repeating the lie started by Newsweek and continued by Wonkette.

There has not been a word on Wonkette about Newsweek's correction.

The Daily Dot -- "conceived as the Internet's 'hometown newspaper,' focuses on topics such as streaming entertainment, geek culture, memes, gadgets and social issues, such as LGBT, gender and race," as Wikipedia describes -- reprinted the original Newsweek charge.

There has not been a word on The Daily Dot about Newsweek's correction.


Under the headline "Dennis Prager on Anne Frank: 'I Don't Get My Wisdom from Teenagers,'" the Patheos website's Friendly Atheist page wrote, "Leave it to right-wing commentator Dennis Prager, founder of a fake online 'university' ... to dismiss Frank's comment ... because she was a child and therefore too dumb to understand anything."

There has not been a word on Patheos about Newsweek's correction.

Inquisitr, which claims 40 million readers a month, headlined its disparaging article "Conservative Pundit Dennis Prager Ridicules Anne Frank."

There has not been a word on Inquistr about Newsweek's correction.


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