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The silence of the media lambs shows what a sham the accusation industry has become

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar -- self-styled feminists who bought every flimsy claim made against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh -- have chosen to stand by Joe Biden in the face of a sexual assault allegation made against him by a former staffer.

The MeToo movement, which followed a New York Times' expose on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's abuse and degradation of women in the entertainment industry, was supposed to prove that the feminist movement was a moral entity committed to fair treatment of women, even when big Democratic figures stood accused.

Biden's preferred treatment shows what a sham the accusation industry has become.

When Kavanaugh faced moldy stories of misbehavior going back as far as his high school years, the bedrock American principle of due process and the notion that the burden of proof should fall on an accuser, not the accused, was conspicuously absent.

With Tara Reade's allegations against the presumptive Democratic nominee, the news media are reporting the story with a different set of rules.

When you look at the frenzy to report new bogus claims against Kavanaugh and compare it to the lack of urgency on the Biden front, you get the sense that Big Media stooped to cover the Reade story only in a half-hearted feint to discredit conservative critics who saw liberal bias.


The New York Times delayed more than two weeks to report on Reade's allegations. Executive editor Dean Baquet framed the news value of accusations against Kavanaugh as part of "a running, hot story" of a figure who was "already in a public forum in a large way." Be it noted, that "running, hot story" did not apply to Reade's claims against Biden, who just wants to be president of the United States.

Reade's allegation of Biden sexually assaulting her when she was a Senate aide aired on March 25. On April 30, The Washington Post went out on a limb with an editorial calling on Biden to provide documentation to refute Reade's troubling accusation.

At least Post reporters have tried to ask Biden about Reade's accusations. No reporter, including CNN's Anderson Cooper, asked Biden about Reade during recent TV interviews.

Having failed to ask Biden about the matter earlier, MSBNC's "Morning Joe" had Biden back Friday morning to address the allegations. First "Morning Joe" showed clips of the show's cast calling for due process for Kavanaugh. Then host Mika Brezinski cataloged all the sexual harassment charges made against President Donald Trump with no caveats.


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