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Who Put Marjorie Taylor Greene In Charge?

Debra Saunders on

WASHINGTON -- When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., announced on the Capitol steps Friday that she would file a motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, a throng of Hill reporters leaned in.

MTG, as she is known, essentially is crack for cable news biggies. She validates the sneering class's poor opinion of conservatives. So of course she's on TV news with amazing regularity.

The best part: That Friday scrum could be replayed all weekend and into Monday. And it was.

Johnson may be House Republicans' speaker, at least for the moment, but Greene is Big Media's choice for leadership. Forget former Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel; Greene should be a paid talent on NBC. Chuck Todd probably would approve because he would have more opportunities to disapprove.

The situation must be demoralizing for veteran GOP lawmakers, who came to Washington to write laws and make government work better, only to watch the trolls capture the spotlight.

The MTGs of D.C. have sold GOP voters on the notion that real conservatives don't cut deals -- even though cutting deals is what Congress is supposed to do.


Need I point out that former President Donald Trump's big book was called "The Art of the Deal"?

Now "deal" is a dirty word.

Greene told the press that she wanted to "find a new speaker of the House that will stand with Republicans and our Republican majority instead of standing with the Democrats."

Standing with Democrats? Yes, Johnson did oversee the passage of a spending bill that then was passed by the Democratic Senate and signed by President Joe Biden.


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