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Is "Ultimate Impeachment Hypocrite" the Final Jeopardy for Democrats?

By Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency on

While watching "Jeopardy" the other night, I had a fantasy. Suppose Alex Trebek had a Final Jeopardy category called "The Ultimate Impeachment Hypocrite"?

Here's how I thought it might go.

Trebek: "We go first to Joe, who is in third place, and he wrote, 'Who is Bill Clinton?'"

"No, that's wrong, but a good guess. Clinton did say about the House impeachment of President Trump: 'Congress is doing its job.' How much did you wager? All of it and you are left with nothing, like the Democrats with their trumped-up (pun intended) articles of impeachment.

"Next we go to Mary and she wrote, 'Who is Rep. Eliot Engel?'"

"Another good guess, but also wrong, even though the Democratic congressman from New York opposed Clinton's impeachment, but favors the impeachment of Trump. How much did you wager? Oh, everything, so you are left with nothing, again like the Democrats, who pushed Russian collusion, racism and other subjects for which they had no evidence.


"We go to our champion, Judy, and she wrote: 'Who is Sen. Chuck Schumer?'"

"You are correct, Judy. It was Schumer who said in 1998 while a member of the House Judiciary Committee, the same committee that voted articles of impeachment against President Trump: 'Impeachment was designed to be used rarely and only in times of national crisis.'"

"Schumer at the time warned of 'profound consequences' for the country and for the presidency if Clinton were to be impeached.'"

It gets better, or worse, depending on your perspective. Schumer went on (as he usually does), "Several weeks ago the notion that we would be on the verge of actually using the hammer of impeachment to remove the President for just the third time in 200 years was unthinkable. Now we are only one day from possibly passing a resolution to remove a duly-elected president from office."


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