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Willis vs. Wade vs. Euphemisms

Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency on

During questioning of Fulton County, Georgia prosecutor Nathan Wade about his “relationship” with District Attorney Fani Willis there was a moment that cut through all the euphemisms we have become accustomed to when it comes to human behavior.

Scott Sadow, an attorney for Donald Trump, who is trying to get an indictment against Trump dismissed for Trump’s alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election, received an answer to a question that appeared to surprise him. Asked about his “relationship” with Willis, Wade said“do you mean intercourse?” Sadow said he wasn’t going to use that word, but since Wade brought it up, then yes, that’s what he meant.

It was a classic example of how euphemisms are increasingly used to soften the meaning of questionable behavior.

A forceful Willis tried to obfuscate her relationship with Wade, even calling him at one point a “ Southern gentleman.” But in an earlier court filing, she admitted to an affair (meaning sex) with Wade, who she put on the payroll as part of her Trump prosecution team.

Radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger receives calls from women who speak of living with their boyfriends.

“In other words,” she said, “you’re shacking up.”


One woman replied, “I wouldn’t put it that way.”

Schlessinger then asked, “How would you put it?”

The woman had no answer.

That was once called telling the truth.


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