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Politicians Excel at Lying

Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency on

Politicians aren’t good at much, but they do excel at one thing – lying. They lie about the border. Both parties refuse to acknowledge the danger of a growing and unsustainable debt ( CNBC reports it’s increasing by $1 trillion about every 100 days).

Consider. President Biden had his annual physical exam last week. When asked if a cognitive test was part of it, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated flatly, “ No, because the doctor doesn’t believe he needs one.”

If a police officer sees a car swerving, the officer will usually pull the driver over. If the driver smells of alcohol, the officer proposes a sobriety test. If the driver refuses, the driver can still be found guilty based on the appearance of drunk driving.

What evidence would be necessary to conclude without a test that President Biden has cognitive issues? Falling down? Shuffling? Slurred speech? Forgetting names? Needing notes for the simplest of engagements? The public sees all these and more. Polls show a majority say Biden is too old for a second term. It’s not the age, but the condition of the mind.

Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s, testified last year that Hunter would occasionally put his father on speakerphone during business meetings, but that they never discussed business on the calls. Archer said the vice president was put on the phone only to help sell “the brand.”

Hunter testified before the GOP-led House Oversight and Judiciary Committees last week, and, according to Chairman James Comer, citing the committee’s investigation, “Joe Biden, attended dinners, spoke on speakerphone, showed up to meetings, and had coffee with his son’s foreign business associates.”


There was no explanation why Hunter, according to the New York Post, received a diamond reportedly worth $80, 000 and a new Porsche, or if any product or service was provided in exchange. Some critics are credibly claiming it was influence-buying.

Hunter had previously said to business associates, “I’m sitting here with my Dad.” And there were possibly incriminating texts sent to business associates while he was “ high or drunk.”

Tony Bobulinski, another former business associate of Hunter Biden’s, testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees claiming what most people suspected, that the “big guy” who allegedly received 10 percent on every deal, was Joe Biden, but that he wasn’t “involved.”

“I’m not drunk, officer, it was my tire alignment that caused the car to weave.”


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