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Yemen's Houthis Were Always Terrorists

Austin Bay on

Breaking News: The Biden administration has decided to designate Yemen's Houthi rebel movement as an international terrorist organization.

The Violence Behind the Breaking News: Yemeni Houthis have spent three months attacking, damaging and occasionally seizing U.S. and free world ships transiting the Red Sea.

Geographic Specifics Shaping the Breaking News: Houthi attackers use the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, as a global "chokepoint" to attack the civilian commercial vessels.

The Houthis launch these attacks on global sea commerce for several reasons. Striking Israeli and Western shipping routes in order to disrupt them and spike maritime insurance costs are the most pertinent. But hurting the world is an ultimate aim. Eventually, high maritime insurance costs take money from everyone's wallet.

January 2024 White House Reaction to Houthi Breaking News: Scrub the embarrassing past and pretend it never happened.

Here is the embarrassing past the Biden administration prefers no 2024 American voter will notice: In 2021, the Biden administration decided to remove the Houthis from America's terrorist list.


To scrub the past, the Biden administration relies on Biden-friendly dominant media to pretend its delusional 2021 decision never happened.

Why did the Biden administration remove the Houthis from the terror list in 2021?


Because the Trump administration put the Houthis on the list. Bidenites removed the Houthis because ... they despise Donald Trump. Oh, they claimed Trump's terrorist designation "damaged prospects for peace" in Yemen and -- get this -- "crippled the economy" of a nation facing starvation.


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