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Stealing the tools

Marc Munroe Dion on

Of course, when I was down on the loading dock, taking a cigarette break 40 years ago, it was only us hourly bums who considered swiping a socket set before the ship went down. The guys in the office seemed calmer, and we knew they were more likely than we were to have some cushion money in the bank.

I'm watching the whole rich carnival of thievery in America, a carnival conducted mostly at the top, and I'm wondering why the bosses would steal the tools. Don't they have a little cushion money somewhere?

And they do, but they've sensed it doesn't matter what you take now. They laid the security guard off months ago, and you can get anything out the back door.

They must think they've got some chance of keeping what they steal, after America closes, and they padlock the door, and tell the rest of us not to come Monday.

In my life, I've worked through layoffs, buyouts, forced overtime, no overtime, pay cuts, company bankruptcies, "staff reductions" and sudden closings.

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I know when it's coming, but this is the first time I've ever seen a boss scurry out the back door with a box of tools.


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