Commentary: Can we blame hurricanes on climate change? Not so fast

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Hurricanes Florence and Michael left more than just physical devastation in their wakes. They also touched off a lot of headlines claiming them as proof that human-induced climate change is happening now.

Then a conveniently timed United Nations report blew in, painting a grim future for our planet if we fail to act on climate change in the ...Read more

Two big storms in two seasons. How will that affect Floridians' hurricane insurance?

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In just over a year, Florida has been slammed with two deadly hurricanes that claimed dozens of lives and caused upwards of $40 billion in damages.

It doesn't mean that windstorm rates will skyrocket, at least this time. Experts believe the state's insurance industry can weather the latest losses from Hurricane Michael without significant ...Read more

Florida towns face dark weeks without power: 'This isn't a restore. This is a rebuild'

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A week after Hurricane Michael's rampage, large swaths of the Florida Panhandle and tens of thousands of residents face a dark, powerless future. Major utilities say it will still take weeks to repair downed lines and poles and reconnect customers -- and that's only for the homes and businesses in good enough shape to "take ...Read more

Powerful Santa Ana winds put officials on high alert for fire danger throughout Southern California

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LOS ANGELES – Southern Californians were greeted by rustling leaves and rattling windows as the first Santa Ana winds of the gusty season blew into the area early Monday.

Offshore winds, warm temperatures and low humidity prompted the National Weather Service to issue a red flag warning signaling possible fire danger across Ventura, Los ...Read more

Michael recovery plods along in Florida; 200,000 still without power

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- As yet another day of recovery began Sunday, there were already signs that a long slog was ahead for towns in Hurricane Michael's path.

Just under 200,000 Floridians remained without power Sunday morning. As this number has decreased from its peak of about 400,000, the progress has remained concentrated in the lesser-hit ...Read more

Florida roads reopen, cell service slowly returns as Hurricane Michael recovery proceeds

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After a brutal battering this week from Hurricane Michael, rescuers and supplies continued to flow into the most affected regions as the Florida Panhandle began to clear the first crucial 72 hours since the storm struck.

State officials said Saturday morning that search and rescue crews were now halfway through a more thorough, "secondary" push...Read more

Aerial images of Florida show the scale of Hurricane Michael's wrath

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MIAMI -- What looks ghastly on the ground in the wake of Hurricane Michael looks absolutely apocalyptic from up above.

Satellite images released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration after the storm crashed ashore near Mexico Beach on Thursday reveal not just its power, but its reach: surging ocean waters that ripped up roads ...Read more

At hurricane ground zero, where it's 'like a bomb went off,' grueling cleanup begins

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MEXICO BEACH, Fla. -- What will be a long and grueling cleanup at ground zero of Hurricane Michael started in force early Friday with residents like Chris Hester taking on the work with their own hands.

Hester's first task -- ripping out the rain-soaked carpet from his condo. "To start to keep the mold from coming into effect," he said, hauling...Read more

Hurricane Michael leaves friends, relatives searching for thousands of people

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- It's Day 2 after Hurricane Michael made landfall, and search and rescue is still under way, Florida emergency officials said Friday morning -- as more emphasis has beginning to shift to the "search."

Thousands of people have been informally reported missing to local authorities, the Red Cross and the state, as people look ...Read more

Michael leaves Carolinas with half-million powerless, schools closed, flooding Friday

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The impact of Tropical Storm Michael continues in the Carolinas, with one death in North Carolina, 490,000 people without power Friday morning, ongoing flooding and more than a dozen school districts closed.

On Friday morning, the death toll from the storm was updated to 11 across the southeast, including five in Virginia, ...Read more

How did Hurricane Michael get so powerful so quickly? It 'defies traditional logic,' experts say.

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- As Hurricane Michael drew strength from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it stunned experts with its abrupt transformation from garden-variety October storm to history-making monster.

At the National Hurricane Center, as the storm's growing power was becoming clear, one forecaster wrote that its rapid ...Read more

'Panama City is devastated': A hurricane's aftershock

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- The marina once hosted a morning coffee club, rented fishing rods to families and was home to a tight-knit community of sailors and boaters.

Nothing remained standing, or floating upright, in the destructive wake of Hurricane Michael. Boat owners, workers and residents who came to salvage what they could on Thursday found ...Read more

Sunrise reveals scenes of Hurricane Michael's devastation in Florida's Panhandle; at least 2 dead

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- Morning light Thursday offered a fresh look at the devastation that Hurricane Michael brought to Florida's Panhandle, where hundreds of thousands of people lost power and communities were devastated by the storm's intense winds and coastal floods.

At least two people in the region were reported killed by trees that fell on ...Read more

He promised to protect their dogs during Hurricane Michael. Then the walls collapsed

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- For six years, Charles Burgess ran Pawaday Inn, building up a loyal customer base that brought him their beloved dogs and cats for grooming and boarding.

As Hurricane Michael approached, customers entrusted Burgess to care for their pets as they left town.

So Burgess holed up with 12 dogs, two cats and several employees in...Read more

Michael moves out of Georgia leaving one dead

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Tropical Storm Michael swept out of Georgia before sunrise, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake.

The powerful storm claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl in Southwest Georgia, which appeared to be the hardest hit part of the state.

Utility crews are scrambling to restore power to more than 300,000 customers.

Michael charged ...Read more

After a night of destruction, Hurricane Michael finally weakens to a tropical storm

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After carving an agonizing path of destruction across the Florida Panhandle, Georgia and southeastern Alabama for nearly 10 hours and killing at least two people, Hurricane Michael finally slowed to a tropical storm at midnight and continued to weaken early Thursday.

Michael roared ashore near Mexico Beach about 1 p.m. central time Wednesday, ...Read more

The dirty side of the storm: Attack ads fly as Hurricane Michael strikes

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MIAMI -- Before Hurricane Michael's 155-mile-per-hour winds blasted the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon and eventually knocked out the power to thousands of households, scores of voters watching TV for news of the approaching hurricane were also presented with dark and stormy ads about statewide political candidates.

Breaking what ...Read more

Flash floods kill at least 10 people on Mallorca

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MADRID -- Severe storms have killed at least 10 people and left a trail of damage on the Spanish island of Mallorca, officials said on Wednesday.

Two British tourists were among those killed when devastating torrential rains began deluging the popular island late Tuesday, the Civil Guard said.

Three people were rescued by emergency services on...Read more

North Carolina governor declares state of emergency as Michael approaches Florida

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency Wednesday morning in 66 North Carolina counties as Hurricane Michael neared Florida as a Category 4 storm.

The governor called it "a dreadful storm."

"North Carolina is staring down another powerful hurricane less than a month (after) Hurricane Florence battered our state," Cooper ...Read more

Hurricane Michael is panhandle's 'worst storm in more than 100 years,' Scott warns

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- As the Florida Panhandle braces for the most powerful storm to hit its shores in more than a century, Gov. Rick Scott issued dire, final warnings to those still along the coast: it is too late to get out. Seek shelter.

"The storm is here," he said Wednesday morning, flanked by state emergency management chief Wes Maul and ...Read more