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CNET: Best French presses for 2021


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When it comes to brewing coffee, French press coffee doesn't pull any punches in terms of flavor. As a matter of fact, this style of joe is nearly as concentrated as espresso or cold brew. And if used properly, a French press can produce delicious coffee to match what comes out of the best drip coffee maker.

But while French press brewers are simple appliances, picking one to replace your coffee pot is not the easiest task, as French presses come in many designs and shapes. Do you want a stainless-steel plunger? What if you're making iced coffee? We tested a group of the top-selling best French press models. And after grinding pounds of beans and drinking scores of cups of coffee, here are our picks.


The most eye-catching

Bodum Chambord French Press

CNET TAKE: The Bodum Chambord has a classic design that hasn't changed much from when it first hit the scene in the 1950s. It brews great coffee that's strong, well-balanced and richly flavored. It has a three-part stainless steel filter and a glass carafe, and its steel parts also come in various finishes. We especially like the vibrant red version shown here.


For a budget option that uses plastic instead of stainless steel for some of its parts, the Bodum Brazil French press makes coffee that's just as good for only $20.


The best-equipped

Veken French Press


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