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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Charles Brice

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A: I would say I pick up languages fairly easily. However, the only other language I would dare say I speak well enough is Spanish. All others are works in progress. When I travel to other countries, (natives) speaking at least two languages is usually the standard.

Q: When you go away, what are some of your must-have items?

A: My tripod. I usually end up getting auditions while I'm away and having it with me when I have to send in a self-tape audition is always clutch.

Q: What is your best or worst vacation memory?

A: It was Christmas Eve and I was driving to my Airbnb after an evening out having dinner. Two men on a motorcycle pulled me over. I had actually read about this happening to other tourists, but had never expected to encounter it. They said I was driving while looking at my cellphone (which I wasn't) and that I would have to pay a fine. Then they said the station was closed and I would have to go with them to a bank and take out money to give to them directly. After I told them I was very uncomfortable with that idea, they asked me how much money was in my wallet. I took a moment and looked very hard at them, their uniforms, the guns in their holsters and the bike with the lights flashing. I told them that I only had a few thousand pesos and they commenced to taking all of it and sent me on my way. This whole interaction took place without a word of English being spoken. Honestly, I was impressed at how well I was able to speak Spanish while fearing for my life.



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