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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Jocko Sims

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Jocko Sims portrays Dr. Floyd Reynolds on the NBC medical series, “New Amsterdam,” which kicks off its fourth season on September 21. An avid traveler, Sims said before he sets out to explore a new city or country, “I absolutely look up restaurants. I want to go to the best of the best, from very cheap to most expensive. What built the town or the culture? What place is impossible to get into? That floats my boat.” The 40-year-old actor is active on social media under the username @JockoSims.

Q: I have to ask: Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

A: Yes, I have, and had quite the experience, as many do!

Q: You traveled with your mother to Jamaica after being invited by a member of their Parliament. How did this come about?

A: Lisa Hanna, who is former Miss World 1993, former youth minister of Jamaica, and current member of Parliament (invited us). She and her husband are big fans of mine and of “New Amsterdam,” and they got word through a friend to me that they would love to have me visit Jamaica. It was quite the trip!

Q: What were some of the things that you did while visiting Jamaica?


A: We rode horses deep into the ocean, where the horses swim with us. I went scuba diving. I ate lots of amazing Jamaican food, enjoyed watching the cliff divers in Negril, and my favorite thing was enjoying the local dinner parties with the people of Jamaica.

Q: Do you think your character, Floyd, would make a good traveling partner?

A: Floyd would make an excellent traveling partner because he is bougie, and likes the finer things, as do I.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about one of your earliest projects filming on location?


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