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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Jason Lezak

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Media Services on

The 2012 London Olympics is the fourth Olympics in which American swimmer Jason Lezak, has competed. He swam in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay preliminaries, which helped the United States reach the finals, where they won a silver medal. While this race wasn't quite as exciting as the same race at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 -- where Lezak swam the crucial anchor leg that helped propel the U.S. to a gold medal -- the California-based athlete says every competition at the Games has been memorable in its own way. Lezak, 36, spoke from London, about how swimming has given him an opportunity to see the world.

Q. Besides winning for Team USA, what did you hope to get out of the London Olympics?

A. I wanted to enjoy the Games from a different perspective. This is the first time I was done (with all my races) so early. Now I can fully support my team without having to worry about preparing for the next race.

Q. Do you have a difficult time finding the right type of food to eat when you're in a foreign country for a competition?

A. In the Olympic Village, it's no problem. They have food from all over the world to choose from. When I travel for meets without Team USA and I'm on my own, it can sometimes be difficult to order when you can't read the menu. I have often gotten things that I didn't expect.

Q. Have you been to London before?


A. I have been here before, but I never really did any sightseeing. I'll see as much as I can in the short amount of time I have once the swimming is over before I head home

Q. How much opportunity is there to see the city you're competing in when you're at a major competition such as the Olympics?

A. There isn't time when the competitions are going on. If you want to see the city you need to stay around after.

Q. Of all the Olympics you've been to, what has been your most memorable Olympic moment?


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