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Zola's Favorite Breakfast Smoothie

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Dairy and the Best No-Dairy Alternatives

I was born in Wisconsin. America’s Dairyland. I was proud to be from Wisconsin. Still am.

In June, the “June is Dairy Month” commercial jingles would come on the radio across the Midwest. My favorite that ran for years went like this:

“Dairy foods are great foods. Dairy foods are great. Live better, yet be healthier, with milk in your glass, butter on your bread and cheese upon your plate. Dairy foods are great foods. Dairy foods are GREAT.”

That ditty still runs through my head each June.

I want to talk about dairy and I want to talk about dairy alternatives.

First, we have to talk cow or no cow...

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Zola's Favorite Breakfast Smoothie

On the go? Need something quick that will keep you full and focused while you rush off to work or to do errands? Use your Bullet Blender to whip this up. Pour it in your insulated mug and you’re good to go.


Servings: Serves 1


1/3 cup of plain Greek Full Fat Yogurt*
1-1/2 cups of frozen fruit pieces (my favorite is mango but also good are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peaches or a mix of berries)
1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk (from the carton)
1 Tbl of flaxseed oil (optional but your hair and nails will love it. Also good for digestion)
½ – 1 tsp of Truvia (optional)
¼ tsp of nutmeg or cinnamon (optional)
1 scoop of unsweetened whey protein or rice protein powder. The vanilla-flavored one is good. If you are not getting enough other nutrition this is a great way to get extra protein. (If you do not want to do the vanilla protein powder you can substitute a ½ tsp of vanilla instead)


Put all the ingredients in a blender and whiz til smooth. The frozen fruit will make this a cool concoction that goes down great. You can take it to go too and just sip on it.

*Look for Fage brand or Stoney Creek. Both companies make a high quality yogurt and they make full fat versions. You do not want low fat or flavored yogurts. They contain high amounts of sugar. If your grocery outlet does not carry full fat yogurt, ask the customer service department to order it and promise you’ll be back to buy it regularly.

To your health!




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