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Hot Wing Dip

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When microwave ovens were a new “thing” I remember being invited to a dinner party.

It was an informal party. It was one of those where everyone stood around talking in the hostess’ kitchen. No one was dressed up. It was a weeknight affair.

The thing I remember most was observing the hostess as she prepared dinner.

She was using her new microwave a lot.

In fact, she cooked everything in the microwave. She was quite proud of not turning on her oven. She did all the cooking in the microwave and then displayed it on the counter.

All of it was not only heated in the microwave but the container each item was in was the vessel the item was cooked in.


All those items were cooked in plastic.

When dinner was ready no one even flinched at the thought of scooping their dinner items out of plastic that had been in the microwave. Those were the days when plastic was also a big deal and we took full advantage of it.

We had no clue. Innocence can be so comforting...

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