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Grilled Peaches

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For lots of people, cooking in the summer revolves around the barbecue. The stereotypical vision is a guy with a slightly rounded belly standing barbecue ready, favorite beverage in one hand and a long tong in the other. The grill is smoking away behind him.

I propose we go beyond that vision. Here are my quick barbecue tips – I call them ‘Cue Tips.

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Grilled Peaches

I adapted this recipe for Plan Z from one of Bobby Flay’s ideas. I love a good grilled peach in the summer. Even if you have a crowd over for a barbecue you can grill up a bunch of these in a jiffy and everyone will enjoy a healthy dessert.

Servings: Serves 4 – 8 and can be doubled easily. The portion depends on whether you serve each person 1 or 2 halves. I think one is plenty but if you set these on a platter for the crowd to consume, they might take two. They are that good.



4 fairly ripe peaches, cut in half and pits removed
½ tsp of cinnamon
1 – 2 tsp of Truvia. This will be to taste.
A pinch of grated sea salt
Oil spray - you can use coconut oil or olive oil spray
Mint leaves for garnish (optional)


If you cut the peach in half across the belly the pits remove fairly easily. Just work your way around the pit with your sharp knife. Don’t cut through the pit. That makes your job harder. Just twist the two halves apart and lift out the pit.

Make sure your grill grates are pretty clean. Spray the grill grates.

Then just spray the flesh side and put them on the clean grill. Grill at medium high for about 3 minutes. Don’t mess with them a lot.  If you just leave them, you get nice grill marks. As soon as they are hot they are done.

Transfer to a platter and sprinkle with cinnamon and Truvia. Let that mixture set for a minute so the Truvia melts and the cinnamon sinks in.  Garnish with mint leaves if you choose.





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