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Editor's Note: Enjoy this previously published Zola classic.

Cookie Mission

When I was just a tween there was another war going on. That one was the Vietnam War.

My brother-in-law was in the navy. He was stationed on the aircraft carrier named after John F. Kennedy; our slain President. The “JFK” (as they called it) was sent to the Mediterranean Sea so it would be closer to Vietnam if it was needed for any action.

Paul was expected to be floating around the Mediterranean Sea with thousands of other sailors for over a year.

At that time, I was really big into making cookies. My specialty was chocolate chip, and I followed the recipe on the bag of chips precisely each time. I usually spent my afternoon on Saturday or Sunday making chocolate chip cookies; especially in the winter.


I got what I thought was a magical idea. I decided all 4,000 of those guys stationed on the JFK deserved a cookie. I wanted to make enough cookies so they could all get one.

When I took my idea to my mother I was not surprised when she said, “Sure. Bake away.”

I now know I should have been VERY surprised my mother said yes...

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