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Is Natural Really Natual?

Coming out of college my first job was working for one of the Big Food companies. I was assigned to the Marketing Department.

Can I just say it? I loved my job! LOVED it.

I loved it so much I enrolled at Northwestern University to take more courses on marketing. I worked all day at marketing and I absorbed more marketing knowledge at night.

I was a sponge for marketing knowledge; everything from packaging to TV ad copy. I was enthralled with the reports on the experiences the customer had with the product. Was the product appealing? Was the packaging colorful and did it attract your attention? What information was on the package that was helpful in making the decision to buy it? I wanted to know more about everything.

I studied. I absorbed. I memorized. Then I grew up.


So what does that mean?

Well, as I developed the Plan Z Diet I got involved in deciphering what the advertising really meant. I learned to read labels. I studied ingredients lists and found out what was healthy and what was not. What the box said on the front was not always a totally truthful indicator of whether what was in the package was good for me...

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Chicken Under A Brick


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