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Green Bean Casserole

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Most people think the Thanksgiving turkey dinner is the most intimidating meal to make. I never understood that.

For Thanksgiving there was always a crowd at my childhood home. At least a dozen people; often more. My mother would get the biggest turkey she could buy; probably 25 pounds or so. It would barely fit in the oven, (and of course there was only one oven).

Sides would be baked acorn squash and boiled green beans. Baked potatoes would be wedged in the oven around the turkey. There’d be a fruit plate and pies purchased at the local baker. Nothing fancy but the day still felt like a celebration.

My mother taught me, by example, not to be intimidated by such a big dinner. I just saw it as normal.

So, I’m always entertained when I see and hear all the ruckus about the Thanksgiving meal – everyone debating how to cook their turkey, what gourmet sides to offer along with the venerable green bean casserole and what ever happened to Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe!

Today I’m going to focus on a few Turkey Tips I found that might shed some light on elements of the controversy. My goal is to lessen the hassle and the worry.


Let’s start with even before the turkey hits the oven...

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Green Bean Casserole

Everyone loves the green bean casserole with the mushroom soup and the crispy onions on top. Trouble is it’s so bad for you. Mushroom soup from a can…can we say “processed food?” Danger! So I have come up with one that doesn’t take much longer to make, it’s real food; not processed food and you’ll still get that wonderful green bean casserole taste. Instead of using those really unhealthy onion crisps we will be making deep fried shallots. They taste so good!


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