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The question is: How fast can you lose weight and stay healthy?

I’m not sure anyone knows the answer for sure. In my experience with dieting I’ve heard everything.

Those who say you can only lose one to two pounds a week and diet safely are using methodologies that generally can only produce one to two pounds of weight loss per week. That doesn’t mean that’s the only healthy pace at which you can lose weight.

Years ago I worked on two occasions with diet doctors that I often refer to as diet gurus. These gentlemen were MDs and tops in their field. They put me on extreme diets that were designed to help me lose weight quickly and safely. They put me on those diets with a goal of hitting a number on the scale. There was no regard for keeping my losing efforts down to a slow pace like one to two pounds a week.

One of these diets I did in the late 80s. It was the same liquid diet that Oprah did. We happened to be on it at the same time. She lost 67 pounds. (Remember the famous wagon of fat she brought on stage?) On the same diet I lost 52 pounds. I was on that diet for almost three months. The methodology for that diet was almost totally liquid. I drank shakes that came in a powdered form and I added water. I ate a half of a banana or a handful of raspberries once a day. And I took fiber 3 times a day. That was it. No other food. Only water to drink.

I visited the doctor each week and they weighed me and took my blood pressure. Once every month they gave me a blood test. I stayed healthy (according to them) the whole time and the weight just poured off. Many would say that was crazy. I spent about $5000 in that effort....


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