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Chocolate Dipped Pears

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Can chocolate possibly be good for you? YES. A resounding yes.

Here’s what you have to remember, though:

You need to eat GOOD Chocolate. That means DARK chocolate that is 72 percent cacao or higher. Good news is the number is front and center now on many packaged chocolate bars.

You need to eat it in moderation. You don’t buy one of those big bars and chow it down. You must limit yourself to three ounces or less per day. That might be as little as three of those little squares. So eat it slowly and enjoy it.

Here are a host of medically-backed reasons to enjoy chocolate...

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Chocolate Dipped Pears

I can see serving this at a dinner party.

You need a little forward planning with this, so your pears can be ripe on the day you want to make this. Usually two or three days ahead will yield you a juicy dessert. Good news is in about 10 minutes you have dessert completed.

Servings: Serves 6


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